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the branch of medicine concerned with the treatment of infants and children

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Kudos to AAP and CDC for encouraging pediatricians to raise the issue of preparedness with families and for partnering with Family Voices to include the all-important perspective of families themselves in this project.
The survey of 251 pediatricians revealed other questions that come up during their discussions with new moms, ranging from the tried and true ("How do I know if my baby is getting enough food?
Seventy percent of psychiatrists (31) reported moderate to high levels of emotional exhaustion, another component on the Maslach; about half of pediatricians (24) reported the same.
Because pediatricians see children early and frequently, they can play a role in identifying high-risk children.
Okumura presented her national survey of 492 internists and 730 pediatricians in which she asked about resources as well as barriers to overall care delivery for young adults with sickle cell disease, cystic fibrosis, and complex congenital heart disease.
To get out that message, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality asked the American Academy of Pediatricians to draft a report.
Concerns among healthcare analysts that the majority of pediatricians in training now are women and that this might cause shortages in the future in pediatric subspecialties appear to be almost entirely unfounded, a University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, study concludes.
Founded in 1989 at Boston City Hospital (now Boston Center), through a collaboration of early childhood educators and pediatricians, Reach Out and Read is a national, nonprofit organization that has established 2,337 program sites nationwide.
Both are pediatricians who did their residencies at Howard University.
Parents of children in low risk ZIP codes are supposed to be asked by their pediatricians a series of questions-the assessment designed to find out whether the child might have been exposed.
Recent federal guidelines urge pediatricians to monitor their young patients for high blood pressure and to check for possible heart and blood vessel damage.
Pediatricians Insurance Risk Retention Group of America, a physician owned and operated captive with offices in Miami, said it would begin underwriting immediately.
Kennell: Some of the early pediatricians did studies on babies that had died, on how much fluid the stomach could hold.