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Thereafter, the thoracic artery divided into the internal and external thoracic arteries, both of which supplied the deep pectoral muscles and the thoracic wall (Fig.
However, there was near complete absence of pectoralis muscle beneath the breast parenchyma on right side with normally developed left pectoral muscle (Fig.
2007) was used to quantify the expression of miR-1 miR-133 HDAC4 and SRF in the tissues (heart liver spleen lung kidney small intestine fat longissimusdorsi muscles pectoral muscles and crural muscles) from neonatal three-month and eighteen-month Anhui white goats.
According to them, it is characterized by increased thoracic kyphosis of the spine, accompanied by a shortening of the pectoral muscles and lumbar lordosis depth with contracture of the iliopsoas muscles.
Each animal was fed 1 regular-sized meal of pectoral muscle of 2 racing pigeons naturally infected with cysts from the 2008 outbreak in Germany (3).
Then Nagahuedi checked the quails' pectoral muscles to see if their capacity to consume oxygen to produce energy had improved.
With long broad wings, a long square tail, long stout toes, and massive pectoral muscles the gyr falcon is an immensely strong and powerful hunting bird.
The patient, who was strapped to a wooden plank, was not properly anaesthetised and kept waking up while implants were inserted into his pectoral muscles.
A typical compound set for pectoral muscles might be bench presses immediately followed with dumbbell flys, chair or bar dips, and concluding with incline dumbbell presses--a truly massive set comprising 4 nonstop exercises.
The leatherback has the classic Olympic swimmer's shape--big broad shoulders, long front limbs with giant paddles, and huge pectoral muscles.
A batter's pectoral muscles, says Yeager, "are even less useful.
He had injuries to the subclavian and axillary vessels, pectoral muscles, and the lateral part of the clavicle, and clinically he showed a total paralysis of the left arm and hand.
The fight leg might be a log; the muscle of the lower leg a bump on it; the pectoral muscles appear more like breasts.
THIS section concentrates on the pectoral muscles which are in the upper chest just below the collar bone.