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The treats contain a gelling ingredient called pectin, believed to block a key cancer progression pathway in the body.
Pectin, a natural fibre product found in fruits and vegetables, is widely used in food processing and new research has shown that, under the right conditions, it releases amolecular fragment with anti-cancer properties.
Leo's specialty was in citrus pectin, a substance found in the skins of oranges.
A pectin gel, or jelly, forms when a suitable concentration of pectin, sugar, acid, and water is achieved.
Thus, I expect our patents related to pectins to be a total surprise to the aloe industry.
Most often, the caller is using a commercial pectin, has almost, but not exactly, followed package instructions, and ends up in trouble.
Typically, they contain large amounts of cell wall polysaccharides and can be a source of dietary fiber, which is rich in pectin.
Of course, those original commercial pectins required that jams be made with white sugar and that the final jam be 60 to 65 percent sugar by weight.
Most of the isolates belonged to plant origin, either rotten fruits or vegetables due to high pectin presence as compared to other samples.
These include soy and sunflower pectins as well as pectins derived from more exotic indigenous fruits and vegetables.
While plant pectins have long been known to support digestive and immune health through their actions in the GI tract, the main obstacle preventing them from exerting systemic benefits in the body has been their bio-availability.
Pectin lyases are the only known pectinases capable of degrading highly esterified pectins (like those found in fruits) into small molecules via [beta]-elimination mechanism without producing methanol.
RSM has been used to optimize the process of extraction of pectin and the property of pectins.
The company added its intellectual property portfolio includes several issued patents covering various modified pectin compositions and methods for preparing biologically active modified pectins, as well as pending patent applications directed to additional modified pectin compositions and methods of use.