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the times at the beginning and end of the working day when many people are traveling to or from work

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The combined peak direction flow on Ittihad Road, Damascas Street, Beirut Street, Mohammad Bin Zayed Road and Emirate Road is 52,000 passengers per hour during the morning peak hours, said the report citing a senior official.
A short term solution for peak hours would be to encourage car-pooling and shared taxis for commut-ing to one's workplace or school.
Surprisingly, the movie shooting was lasted till the evening, which is a peak hour for any airport.
With the support of Merseytravel, we are hoping to get a few more trains to add to our current fleet so that before too long we can run even more sixcars for our commuters in the peak hours.
Peak direction flow is 40,000 vehicles (52,000 passenger trips) during the AM peak hour
The rationalisation hour initiative will put to the fore the importance of reducing load, especially during peak hours, to preserve energy and reduce emissions.
Second, to spread awareness about the importance of spending time with Nature and third, but most importantly, to increase awareness about effects of saving electricity not just during peak hours, but on a regular basis.
It has reached several people and institutions who have participated by turning off unnecessary devices during the peak hours.
The move is aimed at decongesting the evening peak hour passenger rush and also to encourage passengers to avail metro services during off-peak hours," it further added.
ISLAMABAD, February 25, 2012 (Frontier Star): Consumers of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad strongly protested against replacement of their meters with peak hour and off peak hours meters by IESCO terming it a sheer broad day light robbery.
Lime Street in the morning peak hour has a backlog of buses coming in, while in the evening peak, we see a backlog of buses in Whitechapel.
VIRGIN Trains' plans to run more peak hour trains on the Liverpool to London route could provide a Merseyside jobs boost.
This also applies to commuters who purchase peak hour returns on a daily basis.
According to Executive Director Padmanabhan said on the occasion, "there was a huge difference between peak load and off-peak load in the city and thermal energy storage incentive programme will not only support our consumers to bring down the peak power requirements but will offer monetary benefit on each unit of electricity shifted from peak hour to off-peak hour as an incentive".
According to Mohammad Al Mudharreb, director of rail operations at RTA's Rail Agency, the authority is looking at various options to tackle peak hour congestion and one of the options under study is the short loop.