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Synonyms for amplitude

Synonyms for amplitude

great extent, amount, or dimension

the quality or state of being large in amount, extent, or importance

Synonyms for amplitude

(physics) the maximum displacement of a periodic wave

the property of copious abundance

greatness of magnitude

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Distinct peak amplitudes of HVSRs for the stations located on the Baltic Shield, the southern slope of the Baltic Shield and the sedimentary cover of the northwestern part of East European Platform were revealed.
The algorithm based on the positive peak detection by applying a relatively wide moving difference window and signal peak amplitude evaluation using the adaptive threshold was developed to estimate the heart rate.
The WOT sweep has overall higher excitations in wide frequency bands while the no load sweep has higher peak amplitude at one firing order.
The MDF, peak amplitude, duration and time to peak of the submental activity during a few swallowing types did not show significant correlations.
ASC could be calculated by first derivative spectrophotometry (1D) and measuring the peak amplitude of SAD at 315.
15) SEP peak amplitudes are traditionally in the under 10 [micro]V range (smaller then EEG [tens of [micro]V], EMG [mV], ECG [V]).
The peak amplitude at around 200-220 ms differed significantly among the three conditions (F (2,14)=8.
Turning tool harmonic analysis has showed that the peak amplitude of the tool longitudinal vibration reaches in when the tool is excited with the frequency equal to 26.
blinks, signals with an absolute peak amplitude greater than 70 [micro]a/) were identified off-line and cleared.
The peak amplitude decreases in both the c- and [pi]-mode pulses because of the attenuation by the parasitic resistance of inductors and the dispersive distortions.
This reduction brings the peak amplitude of a typical 1-joule-per-pulse laser at a focal point lower than the breakdown threshold of common gases in combustion, almost eliminating laser-induced plasma spark generation.
Figure 5 shows that the first peak amplitude of the reflection occurred around crack lengths of 0.
Frontal plane hip abduction was the next greatest peak amplitude for all conditions.
Using an instrument panel, the operator matches the signal's peak amplitude to the characteristics of each battery, making it useful for individual motive battery cells of 2-volts, or an entire battery bank of up to 80-volts.