Mount Everest

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a mountain in the central Himalayas on the border of Tibet and Nepal

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I have spent a fitful night, tossing and turning in the Peak XV Lodge, feeling as nervous as a kitten.
Paul has a unique mix of technical knowledge, consulting skills and industry experience that makes him the ideal choice to lead Peak XV Networks into the future," said Tom Rodenhauser, President of Consulting Information Services.
In partnership with Cisco and Nortel, Peak XV will offer customers consulting and engineering service, branded Content Now, to enable them deploy rapid content distribution and management services," Murthy said.
Peak XV provides network assessment, planning, design, implementation, maintenance, and performance optimization for Level 3 customers seeking complete life-cycle management of their advanced IP networks.
Peak XV (Fifteen) Networks, a global leader in the design and deployment of high-performance, advanced IP solutions, today unveiled the world's most sophisticated Advanced IP interoperability labs.
Nelson's experience includes senior sales management roles with Network Intelligence, NEC, Crown Equipment, and Peak XV Networks, where he established multi-million-dollar contracts with companies such as IGC, MSN Hotmail, Logitech, Mentor Graphics, and SBC Communications.
Niku Corporation (Nasdaq: NIKU) today announced the first implementation of its extranet product, xNiku, at Peak XV Networks.
Before joining Counterpane, Paul was president and CEO of Peak XV Networks, a global network management and engineering firm.
Infinity International, Mayer Brown & Platt, Murdock & Associates, Online Business Systems, Peak XV, St.
Nasdaq: MUSE), the leading provider of service and business assurance software, today announced that Peak XV Networks, a global leader in the design, deployment, and management of high-performance advanced telecommunication solutions, has augmented its implementation of Micromuse's Netcool(R) suite to provide realtime end-to-end fault monitoring of its complex customer service systems and next-generation IP networks.
Peak XV Networks, PixStream Incorporated, Pulsent Corporation, Redback Networks Incorporated, Redo Ajato Ltda, Reliacast Incorporated, Riverstone Networks, Seabridge, SkyStream Networks, Speedera Networks, Sprint Corporation, StarGuide Digital Networks Incorporated, Sun Microsystems Incorporated, Svenska Bredbandsbolaget AB, Syndeo Corporation, Tele Norta Laste Participaches S.
com (Nasdaq: BOUT), Bridge (3Com), ECNet, Foundry Networks (Nasdaq: FDRY), InterNAP (Nasdaq: INAP), IPivot (Intel), UUNet, 2Wire, Mobileum, and Peak XV.
Dodge has also served on the boards of advisors for Silicon Investor and Peak XV Network.
com, Context Media, Digital Fountain, DSL Networks, Editora Abril, El Mundo, Ellacoya Networks, Enron Broadband Services, Entera, FirstMark Communications, Global Telesystems Group, Gotham Broadband, Harris Corporation, Hewlett-Packard, Huawei Technologies, Hughes Space & Communications, iKnowledge, iMagicTV, Incanta, InfoLibria, InfoSpace, Inktomi, Innovatia, Interactive Enterprise, Into Networks, Lucent Technologies, Mirror Image Internet, Motorola, MTVi Group, NBCi, Net Continuum, NetActive, Network Equipment Technologies, Nokia Networks, Nomadix, Nortel Networks, Northpoint Communications, NTL, Path 1 Network Technologies, Peak XV Networks, PixStream Incorporated, Redback Networks Inc.