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When peahens did bother to watch the shimmering male, they mostly looked at the lower zone of his train feathers.
Nigel Howells, the council's executive member for sport, culture and leisure, said: "The peacocks and peahens were removed from the castle in late 2007, due to concerns for their safety.
We may know that seven peahens in a shagbark is a pity, a brownout,
A parasite-prone peacock, for example, is more likely to be discovered by a discerning peahen because parasite infestation demonstrates itself as damage to plumage (which is more noticeable given the peacock's bright coloration).
A FLOCK of peacocks and peahens living at Cardiff Castle have been moved in a bid to curb their wanderlust.
Our favourite, however, had to be a large fan made from mirrors - if only because one of Saumarez 's resident peahens was attempting to mate with it.
Using the peafowl (Pavo cristatus) example, if peahens prefer peacocks with the longest tails as mates, then long-tailed males will be chosen as mates more often than short-tailed males, and will therefore produce disproportionately more offspring.
A PEACOCK, followed by two peahens, struts his way past the swimming pool - one of something like 13 in the complex - and up to the restaurant, looking for crumbs dropped by diners.
He admits he has even become attached to the foursome - believed to be two males and two peahens - even though his workmates at First Class Frames, based on Binley Industrial Estate, have taken to calling him Peacock Pete.
6) Thus, in the most famous example, the peacock evolved his magnificent tail because peahens disproportionately chose to mate with fancy-tailed males.
His erratic behaviour started last year after the peahens he lived with were eaten by a fox.
Two peahens and a peacock also reside in the Reflections and Gazebo Courtyards.
However, sexual selection adds the idea that the cock's display appeals to peahens, so the peahens' propensity to mate with him is enhanced and the fancy tail survives.
He lords it over the peacocks and peahens we have on the front lawn.
We have lost peacocks and peahens, ducks, chickens and pigeons in our schoolyard,'' Lengyel said.