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Synonyms for peacemaker

Synonyms for peacemaker

a belt-fed machine gun capable of firing more than 500 rounds per minute

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Matt Chandler of Christian Peacemaker Teams will speak at a free event at 5:30 p.
Accounts of the life of the Peacemaker show he was destined for great things even before his birth.
Groups of children acting as peacemakers studied human rights and poverty issues in Colombia, eventually forming a group with five other schools in Bogota known as The Schools of Peace.
The Tsuu T'ina people sought a court on the Tsuu T'ina lands, a First Nations judge, a Peacemaker system, and control over the administration of the court.
Called Peacemakers, these students wear special orange and yellow vests in the schoolyard during recess as they help kids work out minor disagreements with each other.
The Cree Indians of Split Lake, Manitoba have had their own peacemakers for years.
com, the ground-breaking social media site for kids under 13, today announced an online partnership with The Peacemaker Corps Association, which trains and empowers generations to come together and encourage peace, compassion, safety and tolerance.
In fall of 2009, two deacons and the pastor went to a seminar in Hopkinton featuring Ken Sande, the founding director of Peacemaker Ministries, located in Billings Montana.
PEACEMAKER (2-1F) showed good early pace to overcome an apparently tough draw in four and land the pounds 15,000 final of the 66th British-bred Two-Year-Old Produce Stakes over 480m at Swindon on Saturday, providing trainer John Millard with his biggest UK victory in the process.
Eddie Janis of Peacemaker Specialist, has long been known for producing exquisitely tuned Colt Single Actions as well as beautiful restorations.
As an original Thunder Ranch Regulator, and attendee of Clint's pre 1900's courses, I felt a properly-tuned Colt Peacemaker like the ones we customize here might be able to match or improve on the times achieved by Mike Venturino.
lt;p>Christian Peacemaker Teams said in a press release that Abu Jundiyye, 19, was grazing his flock near Tuba when four Israeli soldiers, coming from the nearby Ma'on settlement, chased him and another shepherd back to Tuba.
Michael Slack, 22, floored 48-year-old Martin Leffler with one punch after he stepped in to act as peacemaker.
118 Days: Christian Peacemaker Teams Held Hostage in Iraq.
The popular dad-of-two was acting as a peacemaker as between 15 and 20 people traded blows during a violent clash which erupted outside the pub at 11.