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Synonyms for peace

Synonyms for peace

Synonyms for peace

the state prevailing during the absence of war

harmonious relations

the general security of public places

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a treaty to cease hostilities

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Although the Tory-led government is trying to destroy it, others see the NHS as the greatest peace-time achievement of any British government.
The world has lost a person who, in her time, was possibly the greatest and strongest peace-time leader of the 20th century, certainly in the Western world.
And the real thing about Margaret Thatcher is that she didn't just lead our country, she saved our country, and I believe she will go down as the greatest, British peace-time Prime Minister.
It is believed to be the first time a monarch has attended peace-time cabinet since George III in 1781.
This year Red Tractor has been an integral part of the Olympics, delivering quality British food in the biggest sporting event and the biggest peace-time catering operation in the world.
One of the worst air disasters to hit the IAF in recent memory came as a shock as two helicopters colliding during peace-time operations is an unusual occurrence.
The drills are said to have contributed to the capacities for the third mission of the Bulgarian armed forced a peace-time rescue and relief efforts.
Labour sold off our gold when the price was rock bottom and left Britain with the biggest peace-time debt of all time.
They make a lot of ammo, even in peace-time, and it's good ammo.
Fair also noted that of course, bin Laden's death does not affect enduring and long-term US concerns about nuclear proliferation, security of peace-time positioning of Pakistan's nuclear weapons, mobilization during a crisis with India, command and control arrangement, much less the steepness of the escalation latter of an actual crisis with India among other salient concerns.
In a speech in February Ms Lomax said the extent of the impact of the turmoil in financial markets on the UK was "highly uncertain" and warned the "largest ever peace-time liquidity crisis" was taking its toll.
The second item on the ballot is a People's Initiative against noise from fighter aircraft, which would ban peace-time combat exercises by fighter planes in Swiss tourist areas.
Today their role will cease here as Operation Banner comes to an end leaving behind a normalised peace-time garrison of 5,000 soldiers.
In this case, these customers range across a broad spectrum of activity and geography, from peace-time operations to warfare, in the continental United States and abroad.
His tax cuts were the foundation for the largest peace-time expansion in our nation's history, which continued through the first Bush and Clinton presidencies.