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Synonyms for peace

Synonyms for peace

Synonyms for peace

the state prevailing during the absence of war

harmonious relations

the general security of public places

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a treaty to cease hostilities

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How an ILCO "gears-up" from a peace-time program to meet the operational tempo required for combat missions; and
Labour's Shadow Planning Minister Roberta Blackman-Woods said: "With reports that David Cameron is either dithering or deliberately suppressing the publication of plans to build badly needed new homes, it's no wonder house building is at the lowest level under any peace-time Government since the 1920s.
I am saddened to hear about the death of Margaret Thatcher, probably the greatest peace-time leader Britain ever had.
This year Red Tractor has been an integral part of the Olympics, delivering quality British food in the biggest sporting event and the biggest peace-time catering operation in the world.
In his words, the Bulgarian military has also been successful in peace-time tasks such as disaster relief operations.
This is a party that loves to draw on Nye Bevan for inspiration: what would a founding Vice-President of the National Council of Civil Liberties have made of a modern-day Labour Party which championed peace-time ID cards and 90-days pre-charge detention?
FAMILIES are facing the biggest peace-time squeeze in their spending power since 1921 as wages fail to keep up with soaring inflation, according to a report.
The land drill, involving artillery, fighter jets and the largest number of personnel in a peace-time exercise, will take place on Thursday, after the South's live-fire artillery exercise on Monday on the island of Yeonpyeong, and is bound to infuriate the North.
They said the current crisis will be of a scale to rival the biggest peace-time crisis in modern history - the Great Depression.
In a speech in February Ms Lomax said the extent of the impact of the turmoil in financial markets on the UK was "highly uncertain" and warned the "largest ever peace-time liquidity crisis" was taking its toll.
The fire, thought to be the biggest in peace-time in Europe, has sent toxic fumes over a 1,500 square mile area.
He praised the outgoing government's record and paid tribute to the longest peace-time administration in the history of the republic.
If anything it served as a cruel reminder that we are not quite there yet but in peace-time who knows what fantastic opportunities will land on Ulster's doorstep.
Mr Bell said: "I am proud our people have completed this phase of the biggest logistics operation ever undertaken in peace-time Britain.