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a campaign against entering or continuing a war

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10) note that "the Catholic peace movement ain't what it used to be.
McDonald has therefore given Carey a rightful place of importance in the history of the peace movement.
Having forfeited Congress without putting up a fight, the American peace movement also lost the State and Defense Departments, two key administration departments for setting and implementing American foreign policy in the Middle East.
My own feeling, which I cannot prove, is that John, George, Ringo and Paul were all strongly opposed to the war and in their different ways were at the helm of the international peace movement.
A worm wide peace movement, with millions of members, could be established as a lasting memory to Lennon.
Pick up a fascinating FREE DVD on the life and death of the Beatles legend who became a leading light of the 60s peace movement.
But as the toll hovers just 140 short of that grim marker -- in what has been the deadliest year for American soldiers in Iraq since the 2003 invasion -- Sheehan's departure from the peace movement is raising questions about the strength of today's anti-war movement.
Even one supposed Congressional ally of the peace movement was announced as a celebrity guest at the recent colossal AIPAC meeting in Washington, where half the Congress shows up and Dick Cheney is a regular speaker.
Impeachment hearings all over the country could excite and energize the peace movement.
campaign, built on a partnership of corporations, organizations and committed individuals, and is championed by the Suzanne Mubarak Women's International Peace Movement.
SEVEN more anti-war protesters were arrested at Prestwick Airport yesterday - and leaders of the peace movement said they would be keeping up the pressure.
In fact, with the immediate threat of war and the myriad of voices clamoring for attention, the American peace movement ratcheted up its visibility, and Fosdick took on a greater role in the movement.
Speakers at the event, called Climate Chaos and Poverty, include Ellen Teague from the National Justice and Peace Movement, Fazlun Khalid, director of the Islamic foundation for environmental sciences and Janet Alty, from the Green Party.
The peace movement is offended, and no one, including me, wants to be seen as advocating war.
Cory joins the small peace movement at the high school, even as she gets letters from Sonny, fighting in Vietnam.