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Synonyms for peacemaker

Synonyms for peacemaker

a belt-fed machine gun capable of firing more than 500 rounds per minute

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The Peace Maker team must learn from their mistake.
Among them are her bridesmaid India Hicks, landmime victim Mirzeta Gabelic, ballet dancer Joanne Clarke, blind Chris Anderson, peace maker Henry Kissinger, and the boy she so lovingly scooped up into her arms - cerebral palsy sufferer Laurence Chambers.
Providing Peace Maker and defibrillators pursuant to art.
Dubai Cricket clubs usually try their best to live up to the name they give to their team, but not Peace Maker, a newly formed domestic cricket team.
PEACE MAKER Henry Kissinger admits he was smitten with Princess Diana.
He however criticised China for double standards, saying the communist nation should not finance the war and provide the government with weaponry in order to further execute the internal war while at the same time playing the card of a peace maker.
Interface Ramadan Cup: Yogi Group bt The Peace Maker by 67 runs.
The prosecution said Mr Nedrick - originally from Wolverhampton but living in Kidsgrove, Newcastle, at the time - was a bystander and tried to act as a peace maker.
You can be the great leader and the great peace maker.
He was the one who struggled to united all those clans within Mayom, and we referred to him as peace maker," explained Garkuoth.
MILF welcomes visitors from non-government organisations," said Jafaar, hinting that Pacquiao could go to Mindanao as a visitor, not an official peace maker.
O'Hara had been acting as peace maker during a scuffle on the touchline when he was mistakenly sent off by the referee.
O'Hara was sent off alongside Gent player Christophe Gregoire in the 90th minute of the Reds' 2-0 defeat in the Jules Ottenstadion after acting as peace maker in an ill-tempered scuffle.
Boumsong, along with every player on the field, raced to the scuffle after Thompson and Lovenkrands clashed but insists he was acting as peace maker and when the players cross the white line they should be role models and set a good example to their legions of young followers.
Johnny Adair was a peace maker and he didn't want to get involved in a feud.