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a person in charge of paying wages

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Mr Robinson was forced to resign as Paymaster General last December after it emerged he had lent Peter Mandelson pounds 373,000 to buy a house.
Led by Stephen O'Brien, shadow Paymaster General and MP for Eddisbury,a Parliamentary debate heard how the new system had become a ``shambles.
A GUIDE helping working parents on lower incomes work out how much help they can get towards the cost of childcare was launched on Wednesday by Paymaster General Dawn Primarolo.
These changes will help to ensure more efficient, commercial and consistent handling of the problems businesses in trouble often have in meeting their debts for tax and national insurance," said Dawn Primarolo, paymaster general.
Paymaster General Dawn Primarolo was outraged by Nick St Aubyn's comment during a debate on EU plans to impose VAT on art sales.
In a move which surprised betting industry insiders, Primarolo has held on to the betting duty portfolio among her responsibilities as the new Paymaster General.
PREMIER Tony Blair and Chancellor Gordon Brown are battling it out over a successor for Paymaster General Geoffrey Robinson.
The Paymaster General has emphatically denied claims by Annabella Incontrera (below) that he pursued her for a quarter of a century and says the relationship ended 20 years ago.
The new processor will process the payroll and pensions for more than 300,000 government employees and pensioners on behalf of the Paymaster General and will also handle financial systems on behalf of the Controller General.
The name of the longstanding MP for Coventry North West and former Paymaster General will be among up to 100 being delivered to the Leader of the House of Commons, Jack Straw, this morning.
And Paymaster General Dawn Primarolo admitted the Government isn't even sure how much cash is unaccounted for.
The Liberal Democrats say Paymaster General Dawn Primarolo must go.
THE Right Hon Dawn Primarolo, MP, the Paymaster General will be opening the Newcastle Inland Revenue contact centre at Quorum 2 office Block on Balliol Business Park on Wednesday, August 11.
Paymaster General Dawn Primarolo replied: 'This Government has cut small business tax, corporation tax and reformed capital gains tax so we have the most competitive system.
Paymaster General Dawn Primarolo told the House of Commons yesterday that people who fail to pay their returns on time also face paying a 5pc surcharge and interest of 6.