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a person in charge of paying wages

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He also called on the Paymaster General to lift the deadline on applying for child tax credit and receiving the full year's payment.
Paymaster General Dawn Primarolo has admitted the problems could lead to compensation.
Paymaster General Dawn Primarolo said: ``More help with childcare costs is just one of the solutions the Government has brought forward to break down the barriers facing parents who want to go back to work.
Mr Robinson was forced to resign as Paymaster General last December after it emerged he had lent Peter Mandelson pounds 373,000 to buy a house.
The new processor will process the payroll and pensions for more than 300,000 government employees and pensioners on behalf of the Paymaster General and will also handle financial systems on behalf of the Controller General.
The Coventry North-west MP devised the last windfall tax as paymaster general in 1997.
Under-fire Paymaster General Dawn Primarolo admitted that the Government could not even be vaguely certain what actual losses amounted to.
The Liberal Democrats say Paymaster General Dawn Primarolo must go.
THE Right Hon Dawn Primarolo, MP, the Paymaster General will be opening the Newcastle Inland Revenue contact centre at Quorum 2 office Block on Balliol Business Park on Wednesday, August 11.
Labour MP Mr Watson was promoted to the position of Parliamentary Private Secretary to Dawn Primarolo, the Paymaster General.
In a report yesterday, the Treasury Select Committee welcomed the acknowledgement by Paymaster General Dawn Primarolo of the difficulties some families and unemployed people met in claiming tax credits.
Paymaster General Dawn Primarolo told the House of Commons yesterday that people who fail to pay their returns on time also face paying a 5pc surcharge and interest of 6.
In a new book, former Paymaster General Geoffrey Robinson will reveal that Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Mandelson begged him for the pounds 373,000 housing loan that led to their downfalls.
PREMIER Tony Blair and Chancellor Gordon Brown are battling it out over a successor for Paymaster General Geoffrey Robinson.
The Paymaster General has emphatically denied claims by Annabella Incontrera (below) that he pursued her for a quarter of a century and says the relationship ended 20 years ago.