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the front part of a guided missile or rocket or torpedo that carries the nuclear or explosive charge or the chemical or biological agents

goods carried by a large vehicle

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3 Reforms in defense spending to favor investment in UAV Payloads
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 2, 2016-Harris Corporation announces fully digital GPS III Payload offering
The RF Payload Center of Excellence will focus on developing reconfigurable payloads and advancing satellite systems that many already rely on, from high-def television broadcasts to GPS transmissions and secure government communications.
The company's team of experts and vast experience in sensor integration, vibration isolation, disturbance rejection, and dedicated video processing has made HoodTech the preferred supplier of highly mass-efficient, low SWaP, small UAV ISR imaging payloads.
Boeing's history of hosted payloads dates back to 1993, when the company helped the U.
We load planes up with a payload of grass seed, lime and fertilizer, and we aerially treat these areas by dumping this mixture onto a section of land that's relatively inaccessible by any other means," says Quentin Smith, environmental engineer, Inco's Environment, Health and Safety Department.
Photo: (Ran only in AV edition--Color) An artist's conception shows the Eclipse Astroliner, which would be towed aloft and fly on rocket power to release its payloads.
By last fall, an improved version of Pegasus had successfully launched four payloads, including a NASA mission to study Earth's auroras.
Following discussions with the Hosted Payload Alliance, Euroconsult decided to pursue development of a report on government-funded secondary payloads on a commercial satellite.
TargetedImprovements: To enable segregated cost-effective command and data handling for hosted payloads by developing a low-cost multi-channel Hosted Payload Interface Unit.
com)-- The UAV Payload and Subsystems market is forecast by Visiongain to record strong growth over the next decade, as the inherent cost and deployment advantages associated with UAVs continue to run in parallel with the development of payloads that are increasingly efficient, advanced and offer maximum mission value.
The Fifth UAV/UCAV Payloads Conference will be sponsored by the AOC in cooperation with the deputy undersecretary of defense for acquisition, technology, and logistics (DUSD/AT&L).