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an amount paid before it is earned

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New analysis from national Citizens Advice finds the average spend for Christmas jumps from PS821 to PS1,413 if paid for with a typical payday loan of three months.
Momentum is very pleased that the government is pursuing changes to the payday loan regulation.
The loans typically take 36% of the borrower's pretax paycheck and significantly hinder the borrower's ability to pay other bills without relying on a secondary payday loan.
As payday borrowers often have low credit scores and are credit constrained, pawnshops may be one of the only options low-income borrowers have available after exhausting payday loan options.
Now, the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, created after the 2008 financial crisis, is reportedly close to issuing a draft of long-overdue federal regulations for the $46-billion payday loan industry.
CAS are still receiving 100 payday loan problem queries a week.
Minister Baroness Jolly said the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP) had agreed to broaden the remit of its review into the content of payday loan advertising to consider scheduling rules, too, to prevent children being targeted by the adverts.
The watchdog estimates that the typical payday loan customer pays up to PS60 a year over the odds because of a lack of price competition in the industry.
PEOPLE who have taken out payday loans in the past are being asked to take part in a new research project led by Teesside University.
KENT, England, May 8, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The decision to take out credit, however small a sum, is one not to be made lightly says a new article on Uncle Buck Payday Loans LLP.
A scheme to increase taxes on payday loan firms was also discussed at the conference in Glasgow.
LESS than two-thirds of payday loans are fully paid back on time or early, research for the Competition Commission has found.
The Business, Innovation and Skills Committee recommended pulling the plug on such advertising on programming aimed at children after hearing fears the next generation is being "groomed" towards such borrowing and evidence that the average child aged between four and 15 was exposed to 70 payday loan adverts last year.
A study by telecoms regulator Ofcom found how, in 2009, there were 11,000 payday loan ads shown on TV.
According to the latest data by Ofcom, which is based on analysis of Barb viewing data over five years from 2008 to 2012, payday loan adverts have risen from 17,000 in 2009 to almost 400,000 over the last three years.