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a person who pays money for something

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ELEPHANT ART: One of the self-portraits painted by Paya on display in an Edinburgh gallery PAPHOTO' EASEL DOES IT: Paya gets to work on another masterpiece
Ratmono, a military doctor of the army's Strategic Reserve Command (KOSTRAD) elite unit, told Kyodo News at least 9 square km of Paya Cot Trieng have been surrounded by soldiers and there is almost no possibility for GAM members to escape.
In contrast to the Asamblea leaders and Biscet, the more moderate Paya has not been imprisoned for the Varela Project.
El Proyecto Varela, impulsado por el Movimiento Cristiano de Liberacion, que encabeza el lider laico Osvaldo Paya, es una buena muestra de ese aprendizaje.
Tomo esa decision a raiz de que Calderon honro la memoria del recien fallecido disidente cubano Oswaldo Paya, quien fuera dirigente del Movimiento Cristiano de Liberacion Nacional e impulsor del Proyecto Varela que intentaba una transicion democratica en Cuba.
The agents--watching from park benches, pay phones and parked cars--took note of everyone entering or leaving the Paya residence.
Havana, July 24 ( ANI ): Family members of Cuban dissident Oswaldo Paya, who died in a car crash on Sunday, believe his car was 'driven off the road'.
Security forces conducted search operation at Paya near Tiarza and sanitization at Yargha Khel near Kaniguram.
The tracks Antema Africana, The Mystics, In Paradisum (from the Requiem), Capriccio d'Amore and Paya Paya are by Jenkins himself.
She was ordered to paya fine of pounds 125 and compensation of pounds 75 to the man she spat on.
Yaroslavsky had planned to meet with human-rights advocate Oswaldo Paya, but those plans were disrupted after Cuban state security agents rounded up scores of Paya's colleagues and associates, most of whom have since been sentenced to terms of up to 27 years for their political activities.
and demand the immediate return of those expelled students to their classrooms," Paya said.