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the Roman peace

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At this moment, there is no pax Romana, but as its alternative, shalom communities shout out peace of Christ all over the world.
See generally JONATHAN HICKMAN, PAX ROMANA (2009) (collecting the entire comic series into a single paperback volume).
Rome was a superpower of its day, using the biggest and best equipped army in the known world to enforce the Pax Romana - peace under the thumb of Rome.
NICOSIA - Like Pax Romana during the high period of the Roman Empire, the US is moving slowly but steadily to impose a Pax Americana throughout the world.
In between, he details murder, lust and madness that marked the early years of the Pax Romana.
Attention to the Donatist controversy, the argument with the Roman traditionalists, and the barbarian threat to the pax Romana might have displayed Augustine's thought even more effectively.
Global leadership students become part of the 100-plus-year-old international Pax Romana NGO movement of more than 400,000 intellectuals, professionals, and university students in 80 countries.
Music Break Thru Music Presents: The Battle For Metalfest 2014 Co Round 3 with special guests Seize The Vatican, Dearth, With All I Have, A Fathom Farewell, Inertia, Along Came The Flood, With All I Have, Recite The Raven, ATS, Assault On The Living, Pax Romana, Carnivora, and Clever Titles (Have Parentheses).
At least 200 of those peaceful years fell in the Pax Romana period.
Novarum, which Joe Holland, president of Pax Romana, called the "Magna Carta of Catholic social teaching.
Grafton outlines the Pax Romana, which was the context for the earliest Christian mission, and contrasts it with the Pax Americana that prevails today.
Pax Romana won a Folkestone maiden with ease in soft ground last month but was nowhere near as good when upped in trip in a Doncaster handicap.
Latinate terms abound along with items, customs, and institutions from the second century of our era, when the Pax Romana prevailed around the Mediterranean Sea.