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United States physicist (born in Austria) who proposed the exclusion principle (thus providing a theoretical basis for the periodic table) (1900-1958)

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St Pauli are desperate to keep hold of their main attacker for their bid to return to the top tier in Germany and have slapped a new three-year deal on the table.
Pauli Piers (north entrance) with the Elbe island Steinwerder (south entrance).
Early in the book, Davidson describes attending a thrilling FC Pauli cup tie against Bayer Leverkusen, replete with last-gasp winner, after which the players spend quarter of an hour parading around the ground, high-fiving fans, applauding and saluting them.
The payoff for the sloth, after a Rube Goldberg--like string of actions by the other partners, could be rich blooms of nutritious algae to eat off its own fur, Pauli and colleagues propose in the Mar.
Concert halls, clubs, bars, theatres, a table-dancing bar, and even the St Pauli church will be presenting fantastic bands such as Cro (D), The Temper Trap (AUS), Best Coast (USA), Royal Republic (S), 2:54(UK) and The Asteroid Galaxy Tour (DK).
Miller, author of Einstein and New York Times contributor, presents this dual biography of physicist Wolfgang Pauli and psychologist Carl Jung and their mutual obsession with the number 137.
In Germany, Hugo Almeida hit a hat-trick and was sent off as Werder Bremen beat St Pauli 3-0.
Pauli Girl spokesmodel Katarina Van Derham visited with soldiers and signed posters at Camp Pendleton Marine Base in California as she kicked off the 2010 tour.
Pauli and colleagues used two powerful laboratory techniques, nuclear magnetic resonance and mass spectroscopy, to detect progesterone in leaves of the Common Walnut, or English Walnut, tree.
Three essays by curators and photographic historians, Pauli, Bann and Salvesen put James photographs within the history of the art, his own development and social awareness.
This chilling portrait of an abusive relationship--courtship and marriage--in which a ruthless 45-year-old egomaniac, Everard Wemyss, overwhelms a naive 22-year-old, Lucy Entwhistle, is described perfectly by Pauli.
Because digital signature technology can be complex, Tower Group consultant Karen Pauli is advising clients to strike partnerships with reputable vendors instead of mounting an initiative in-house.
112 MERCER STREET: EINSTEIN, RUSSELL, GODEL, PAULI AND THE END OF INNOCENCE IN SCIENCE is edited by Katherine Williams, who offers up biographical sketches of these men and their revolutionary work.
Customers are increasingly expecting real-time, anytime service from their insurance carriers," TowerGroup senior analyst and report author Karen Pauli wrote.