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United States theologian (born in Germany) (1886-1965)

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Towne's present version of this work is best described as dividing into two major parts, with three chapters focusing on Paul Tillich and the other three on Charles Hartshorne.
Ferre, The Universal Word: A Theology for a Universal Faith (Philadelphia: Westminster Press, 1969); Paul Tillich, Systematic Theology, Vol.
Due allowance being made for the inherent opacity and complexity of the main topics addressed (major instance: Buddhist sunyata vis-a-vis biblical kenosis), he shows himself to be a master of both Buddhist thought and Western thought, both classical and modern - the latter as represented by such luminaries as Thomas Altizer, John Cobb, Langdon Gilkey, Paul Knitter, and Paul Tillich.
I had just read theologian Paul Tillich on symbolic language, and so I treated my grandfather to the philosophical view that God was not a divine person who really lived in the sky.
In particular, the many biographical entries describe the attitudes, uses, and understanding of time in the writings of scientists, philosophers, theologians, and writers, including, for example, Chaucer, Robert Chambers, Charles Darwin, Jean- Baptiste de Lamarck, Paul Tillich, and Richard Wagner.
Cannon, Black Womanist Ethics (Atlanta, GA: Scholars Press, 1988), 163-178; and (in general) Paul Tillich, Love, Power, and Justice: Ontological Analyses and Ethical Applications (New York: Oxford University Press, 1954).
This is a collection of essays focusing on various aspects of the thought of Paul Tillich.
We are present in the congregations as King relaxes his theoretical and intellectual dependencies on Hegel, Paul Tillich and H.
For example, Paul Tillich is cited as "Karl Tillich" (4).
The names treated for the first epoch are Martin Kahler, Ernst Troeltsch, Paul Althaus, Karl Barth, and Paul Tillich.
The Christian responses include: "Revisionism and Theology: Two Sides of the Same Coin," Harry James Cargas; "Evil and Existence: Karl Barth, Paul Tillich, and Reinhold Niebuhr Revisited in Light of the Shoah," Alan Davies; "Suffering, Theology, and the Shoah," Alice Lyons Eckardt; "Mysterium Tremendum: Catholic Grapplings with the Shoah and Its Theological Implications," Eugene J.
A minister of the United Church of Canada, O'Neill finds that US theologian Paul Tillich (1886-1965) was primarily interested in portraying the meaningfulness of revelation for humanity.
Paul Tillich called it the greatest German picture ever painted.
This the author attempts to do with in-depth analyses--much too long and unduly repetitive, although correct--of the thought of Paul Tillich, Raimundo Panikkar, and the later Ludwig Wittgenstein.
Updates to this edition include separate chapters for late modernism and post-modernism; new selections from Paul Tillich, Thomas S.