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a member of the North American Indian people living in the Sacramento valley in California

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a Copehan language spoken by the Patwin

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He said: "Throughout Operation Patwin, my flight and I have been asked to take on a number of tasks.
99), once home to the Patwin Suisuni Indians whose Chief Solano was one of the few native landowners in California in the 1830s, the Dixon Women's Improvement Club's DIXON (9738529729, $19.
Of the Native nations we do know in an area from the Northern California border down to the Golden Gate Bridge in the west and Yosemite National Park in the east, an area of 250 miles by 200 miles, there were Tolowa, Yurok, Chilula, Karok, Shasta, Wiyot, Whilkut, Yana, Waintu, Maidu, Washo, Konkow, Patwin, Wappo, Pomo, Paiute, Ohlone, and many, many others (Stannard, 1992:21).
Northern California Indians, particularly the Nisenan Maidu, the Wintun and the Patwin, considered the Sutter Buttes sacred.
The channel at Suisun City - the name means "west wind" in the language of the Patwin Indians - was dredged in 1993.
HMS Illustrious is part of Operation Patwin - the Government's action to support the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan.
1917 Patriot Timber Products Intl 3311 Patwin Plastics 1922 Paul Saws & Systems 8340 Peerless Saw Co.
3436 Pattern Systems International 2555 Patwin Plastics Inc.