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Synonyms for patrimonial

of or from one's ancestors

Synonyms for patrimonial

inherited or inheritable by established rules (usually legal rules) of descent

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Even if only the natural person is able to experience sensations or to have feelings, incompatible to a legal person, it is not less true the assertion that "the term non- patrimonial .
Dans le cadre de cette introduction, il s'agira d'explorer la pertinence du concept de << paysage patrimonial >> en tant que cadre a la fois theorique et methodologique permettant d'etudier les processus d'invention, de fabrication, de consommation et/ou de destruction du patrimoine.
We regret the loss of several pieces of great patrimonial and historical value," said the museum's curator, Isabelle Anspach.
Des officiels des trois pays ont saisi cette occasion pour mettre en exergue les enormes sacrifices consentis par les vaillants soldats marocains ayant combattu aux cotes des forces alliees, soulignant l'imperatif de perpetuer le devoir de la memoire historique partagee qui constitue un fonds patrimonial riche d'actes heroiques a travers lesquels se revelent et se consacrent un certain nombre de nobles valeurs humaines et universelles qu'il appartient a tout un chacun de preserver.
A chronic stumbling block to building an effective, impersonal, rule-following state, says Fukuyama, is the widespread tendency toward patrimonial forms of social organizations based on favoritism toward kin and clients.
4 satellite, will provide full coverage of Mexico and its patrimonial seas and relay civil communications for socioeconomic development.
The complex, which could create 3,850 new jobs, was a joint project between the Patrimonial Fund of the Reformed Businesses (Fomper) and the Center for Development and Competitiveness (Pro-Industria).
Para o politico disputar uma eleicao, ele tem que apresentar ao Tribunal Regional Eleitoral uma declaracao patrimonial.
The diversity resulting from the use of some informational supports which are specifics of different methods groups (for example, the approach based on assets use only historical value obtained from the restated and adjusted patrimonial situations).
They were charged with destruction of the patrimonial heritage of Spain and of stealing diamonds and gold from the Don Pedro.
Both transactions, which remain subject to customary regulatory approvals, will be financed through the existing resources of MANGAS GAMING, which is co-controlled by Financiere Lov, Stephane Courbit's patrimonial holding company, and Societe des Bains de Mer (SBM).
When Albert sold his stake, he reportedly said that he believed the new owners were "respectful of the moral and patrimonial rights of the authors".
Numerous offers have surfaced from property owners seeking to sell their patrimonial treasures to Greenstone because of the realtor's reputation for protecting structures of architectural heritage and for creating high-end residential projects, whether modern or traditional.
Among the problems identified are a patrimonial traditional monarchy, a reliance on a single commodity (oil), and the important role of foreign influences, in the form of both Western powers and the expatriate community