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Australian writer (1912-1990)

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Since acquiring ownership in Lighthouse in 2010, Patrick White has served in various roles including director, chairman and president.
This leads in well to the next essay, where Rodney Wetherall contributes a memory-led piece about the Patrick White Award, which was intended by White to advance local literature, by encouraging authors who "have not received due recognition for their contribution to Australian Literature" (36).
Last month, the 42-year-old rapper was sued for plagiarism by author Patrick White, who alleged that he stole portions of his writing and then used them for his own memoir, 'Decoded'.
Three more inches," spotter Patrick White said, pausing a moment.
An Aussie dream team of helmer Fred Schepisi and thesp Geoffrey Rush, along with source material by Oz author Patrick White.
Patrick White, the former dean of students who took over as athletic director at Saint John's last year, said part of what set Foley apart from others was his commitment to building personal relationships with coaches and players by attending as many Saint John's sports games as possible.
Patrick White occupies an interesting spot on the spectrum of what Islam calls "ethical travel," because his narrative modes of dream and lyric tend to suggest very fluid boundaries between characters, yet on the other hand, the absence of material representation of the Aborigines may suggest an exoticization, and thus a classic Othering of them.
by HE Bates; The Birds on the Trees by Nina Bawden; A Place in England by Melvyn Bragg; Down All the Days by Christy Brown; Bomber by Len Deighton; Troubles by JG Farrell; The Circle by Elaine Feinstein; The Bay of Noon by Shirley Hazzard; A Clubbable Woman by Reginald Hill; I'm the King of the Castle by Susan Hill; A Domestic Animal by Francis King; The Fire Dwellers by Margaret Laurence; Out of the Shelter by David Lodge; A Fairly Honourable Defeat by Iris Murdoch; Fireflies by Shiva Naipaul; Master and Commander by Patrick O'Brian; Head to Toe by Joe Orton; Fire from Heaven by Mary Renault; A Guilty Thing Surprised by Ruth Rendell; The Driver's Seat by Muriel Spark; and The Vivisector by Patrick White.
It is a wonderful portrait of Patrick White by Louis Kahan.
Patrick White, Developing Research Questions: A Guide for Social Scientists.
Her research follows the trajectory of Anglo-European representations in literature, with particular emphasis on a number of prominent authors (Katharine Prichard, Xavier Herbert, Patrick White, David Malouf and Kate Grenville) and how their fictional portraits influenced generations of non-Aboriginal learners via school curricula.
Paddy Power's Patrick White said: "England is a big loser for us.
Its indigenous and non-indigenous pre-history, through the journals, maps and scientific findings of the explorer Ludwig Leichhardt, whose expedition diaries Patrick White so fastidiously recorded in his notebooks, and the colonial music history associated with Leichhardt that was re-claimed by Richard Meale in his 1986 opera based on the novel.
Courtney, Patrick White and Harry Yip all having good games.
Patrick White, and Jess Wiygul, brother of the groom.