informed consent

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consent by a patient to undergo a medical or surgical treatment or to participate in an experiment after the patient understands the risks involved

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Healthcare providers are responsible for establishing and maintaining patients' rights.
Awareness of, responsiveness to and practice of patients' rights at Uganda's national referral hospital.
Al-Shaikh discussed the legal aspects of patients' rights and responsibilities in the Gulf area.
Investigation of the Awareness of the Students of Shiraz Dental School Concerning the Patients' Rights and the Principles of Ethics in Dentistry.
He added that the council will also address pharmaceutical incorporation among Arab nations, the formation of a center for the protection of patients' rights, the management of hazardous pharmaceutical waste and countering chronic non-communicable diseases.
At every hospital an officer for patients' rights was appointed to make sure the law was being enforced.
Patients' rights and citizens' empowerment: through visions to reality.
HEALTH Secretary Nicola Sturgeon was yesterday warned that her flagship Bill to protect patients' right could have the opposite effect.
PEOPLE in the region are being reminded they have just over a week to make their views known on new proposed patients' rights.
NHS Tees is urging members of the public to register their views on new patients' rights in a region-wide poll by January 15.
Unite and Unison have given evidence to the House of Lords regarding European Commission proposals for a directive on patients' rights in cross-border health care, stating that it does not fully represent patients' rights.
PLANS for a charter of NHS patients' rights are still being worked on, the Assembly Government said last night, as the Department of Health in Westminster unveiled a Constitution for the English NHS.
As well as laying down patients' rights, the constitution spells out their responsibilities.
In Chaoulli, the court ruled that the nation's Medicare program 'violated Canadian patients' rights to 'life, liberty, and security of person'" by subjecting them to unreasonable, "intentional" and, in some cases, fatal waiting periods for treatment.
training specific to mental health and patients' rights in Ontario be developed to create greater awareness of and sensitivity to the unique needs of mental health consumers;