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Synonyms for crucifixion

the act of executing by a method widespread in the ancient world

the infliction of extremely painful punishment or suffering


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One other executioner pressed down on His chest, another held Him down by His legs, while a third soldier stretched His arms one at a time across the patibulum and nailed down His hands.
Apart from it conforming to Emmerich's description he places three studs (as the corners of an imaginary equilateral triangle) at the point where the patibulum intersects with the stipes.
These nails are very long and sharp and are hammered into predrilled holes in the very thick patibulum.
Bearing in mind that it is the bindings that are keeping Gibson's Jesus attached to the patibulum and not the nails (in the palm of the hands) their primary function can only be to cause pain.
This was probably just the patibulum or cross piece.