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any deviation from a healthy or normal condition

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I would like to thank my colleagues members of the scientific committee for putting together such a rich scientific and education program, to an international caliber, which will focus on: Breast Pathology, Neuropathology, Genitourinary / Nephropathology, Female Reproductive Pathology, Pediatric Pathology, and Digital Pathology.
Sectra s solution for digital pathology is built on the same platform as Sectra s radiology PACS, the solution for managing radiology images.
Pathology groups and labs can use pathology networks to increase revenue through remote consultation and outreach services, or to expand pathology services in their local markets.
New Frontiers in Pathology is intended to help by offering a unique opportunity to learn from experts while enjoying the amenities of an idyllic academic setting on the campus of the University of Michigan or a world class resort on the shores of Lake Michigan.
Anatomical pathology is not a common specialisation in South Africa.
Joseph Desiderio, Voicebrook's President said, "We are pleased to be participating in the 100th anniversary of the USCAP Conference, and we look forward to meeting with clients, prospects and other vendors who share our passion for Pathology and Pathology reporting and informatics.
The illustrated pathology is accompanied by a brief description of the historical age of specimen, the age and gender of individual, where found, date, etc, followed by a very brief consideration of the diagnosis.
Researchers also examined the relation of Alzheimer's disease pathology to memory function just prior to death and to rates of change in memory several years prior to death.
The evaluation and remediation of disorders of deglutition involve a new, but recognized, role in the field of speech-language pathology.
The collection consists of almost 20,000 cases originally presented at more than 1,400 pathology seminars, and comprises digital images of the original slides, clinical history, and diagnostic summaries, along with present day commentary by Rosai and other experts.
NASDAQ: GHDX), a world leading provider of genomic-based diagnostic tests, to leverage Philips digital pathology tools in Genomic Health's continuing scale up of its molecular diagnostic testing processes.
Mouza Al Sharhan - President, Emirates Medical Association (EMA) & President of the Emirates Pathology Society (EPS), the board of the Arab Division of The International Academy of Pathology (IAP-AD) has awarded the hosting of its 2015 annual meeting to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
This issue of Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine features abstracts presented at the 2009 biennial meeting of the Pulmonary Pathology Society held June 24 to 26 in Portland, Oregon.
Digital pathology--an image-based environment for the management and interpretation of pathology information enabled by the digitization of a glass slide--represents a new generation of technology for pathology and laboratory professionals.
This review guide to pathology is presented in a question and answer format and is meant for students preparing for general comprehensive pathology tests and the USMLE series.
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