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American Revolutionary leader (born in Ireland) who was a member of the Constitutional Convention (1745-1806)

a city of northeastern New Jersey

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Paterson was last week found guilty of stalking 27-year-old Jay Goodwillie.
Paterson is a certified public accountant who retired from PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC), an international network of auditors, tax and business consultants, in 2011 after 37 years of service.
She may have joined Mary Jane Paterson who was her daughter and mother of Private Paterson.
He also accused Paterson of being too influenced by climate change sceptics.
Paterson made his international debut against Spain in 2007 but the combination of recurring injury problems and an uncertain place in former boss Nigel Worthington's pecking order meant he made a faltering start to life at the highest level.
The video features, Paterson stylishly dressed in vintage and contemporary costumes, her male co-star glued to his cell phone, kiddie pools, back-up dancers, a simple set and her full band.
Although Paterson said that young people struggling with their own sexual identity "should be able to see gay role models," he added that his focus will be on re-energizing the church amid uncertainties about its future.
Joe Chandler quickly followed him over and Paterson kept up his 100% record to put the Scorpions 36-12 down at the interval.
Paterson is serving at least 20 years for the murder of Ronald Dougan, 25, in Cumbernauld.
Mrs Hollins' solicitor, Nisha Sharma, of Russell Jones and Walker, is critical of the Trust allowing a reconstruction a year after Mr Paterson was investigated.
SCOTLAND'S Chris Paterson has been lauded after announcing his international retirement.
CHRIS PATERSON will now reflect on a record-filled Scotland career after today announcing his retirement from international rugby.
Solihull Hospital has contacted about 500 women and are trying to reach another 70 who were treated by one of its experienced surgeons, Ian Paterson.
WANTED for fraud, Andrew Paterson spent 24 years on the run living the high life abroad with a new identity as a successful businessman.
This led to the immediate recall of 12 patients treated by Mr Paterson and further monitoring for cancer re-emergence for another 60.