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(Roman Catholic Church) the Lord's Prayer in Latin

a type of lift having a chain of open compartments that move continually in an endless loop so that (agile) passengers can step on or off at each floor

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Paternoster proposes several ideas that could ensure a more equitable system of justice: create uniformity in the standards that prosecutors use to analyze death-eligible cases; reinstate the use of the "proportionality review," which would allow the Maryland Court of Appeals to compare each death sentence with punishments for similar offenses; and maintain a constant system of monitoring.
Paternoster opened her remarks by explaining that customer service is tied intrinsically to construction projects, because "if the customer is not pleased, we need to question our work.
Like Paternoster, Streib argues that "the death penalty is not a greater deterrent than long-term imprisonment.
We are pleased to complete another transaction with Rothesay Life, a market leader in the United Kingdom and provide reinsurance for its acquisition of Paternoster," said Phil Waldeck, senior vice president and head of Prudential's Pension & Structured Solutions business.
There needs to be a clear commitment to the Paternoster Place proposal from HS2 and it needs to be constructed before the work starts on the new station so that these essential links are maintained throughout the build period.
The London Stock Exchange Building 10 Paternoster Square London EC4M 7LT
There are some cheeky little jokes in Saturday's premiere about how "new'' this Doctor is supposed to be when he arrives with lines on his face and gray in his hair, but for the most part, Clara and the Doctor are busy working with the returning Paternoster Gang to save London, if not the world.
It promises the return of the socalled Paternoster Gang, a trio of detectives made up of the dome-headed alien Strax (Dan Starkey), the Silurian Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh), and her human wife, Jenny Flint (Catrin Stewart).
And they called for the construction of Paternoster Place - a major promenade linking the city core with Eastside - to be fast-tracked to stop Digbeth being cut off.
They are calling for Paternoster Place - a major promenade linking the city core with Eastside - to be fast-tracked to stop Digbeth from being cut off.
Former bank executives William Keenan, Kevin Foley, and Kim Paternoster have joined forces in to orchestrate a successful launch for Pango.
Hawkify Limited The Workstation 15 Paternoster Row Sheffield South Yorkshire S1 2BX
Much as they did in New Jersey two nights earlier, Garbage performed its cover of "Because the Night" with the help of Screaming Females lead singer Marissa Paternoster.
Protesters pitched their tents at the foot of the steps of St Paul's after police cordoned off Paternoster Square, where the stock exchange is located.
Paternoster Square, where they planned to hold an assembly to decide the