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(Roman Catholic Church) the Lord's Prayer in Latin

a type of lift having a chain of open compartments that move continually in an endless loop so that (agile) passengers can step on or off at each floor

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Paternoster explains, "The campaign will build in volume every week throughout the remainder of the holiday season.
Video email is undoubtedly the most innovative medium for Internet-based marketing, and by partnering with Talkway, we've ensured that our clients, including list brokers, media planners and marketers, can reap the full benefits of this exciting technology," said Scott Paternoster, 24/7 Media's president of Media Solutions.
Contract notice: Eu p 1227-15bi, expert examination of elevators, escalators, moving walkways, service lifts paternoster shelves and passenger boarding bridges and gem testing of electrical installations within the main test.
This is likely to prompt an increase in the number of firms who seek to offload their pension liabilities in once-for-all deals with insurers such as Paternoster or specialist buyout firms such as Pension Corporation.
The Source, permanently positioned in the main entrance atrium of the relocated Stock Exchange headquarters at Paternoster Square in the City of London, was specially designed by artists Greyworld.
Our strategy is to bring CathayOnline a greater level of exposure through targeted marketing and advertising campaigns across the Internet," said Scott Paternoster, President 24/7 Media, Media Solutions.
These buyout firms, which in some cases are backed by major investment banks - such as Goldman Sachs' Rothesay Life - as well as Paternoster, Synesis, Tactica and Pension Investment Corporation, are able to offer larger funds the option of transferring their pension liabilities albeit at a cost.
She was switching on The Source at London's new Stock Exchange in Paternoster Square in the City.
During his keynote speech on Thursday, Information Technology Systems Architect from The Boeing Company, Vincent Paternoster, updated the attendees on two Accelis pilots recently completed at Boeing.
Pensions buy-out firm Paternoster completed its biggest deal to date when it took over two of media group Emap's final salary schemes.
She was then joined by eldest daughter Patricia, 43,and her husband Rick a Paternoster, 39,and their children,Emma, 24, Carl,17,and 10-year-oldRebecca.
com is well positioned with 24/7 Media as the premier automotive parts eStore," said Scott Paternoster, national sales director, 24/7 Media.
Commenting on the appointment, Dominic Burke, JLT Group CEO, said: Bala has a deep understanding of the UK employee benefits market from his previous roles at Prudential and Paternoster and as the architect of our Mumbai knowledge centre, which was initially established to serve our UK Employee Benefits business.
This astonishing suggestion - a disquieting one for pension funds, however enticing for 30-year-olds - came yesterday from Paternoster, a specialist company set up last year to take on pension fund liabilities from companies that want to remove the risk from the balance sheets.
Paternoster will retain the title of president of the CLIQNOW