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the government bureau in the Department of Commerce that keeps a record of patents and trademarks and grants new ones

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Patent Office is a testament to our innovation and the strength of our strategic partnerships," said Douglass Simpson, Corgenix President and Chief Executive Officer.
The Project will support a network of experts to advise the Patent Office on prior art and longer term to assist with patentability determinations.
Patent Office declare an interference and that VISICU's patent be revoked and a patent with identical claims be issued to such third-party.
We are also somewhat surprised that the ECB has chosen to challenge the validity of the patent based on these particular 'prior art' patents since the primary 'prior art' the ECB is citing in its challenge was already reviewed and rejected by the European Patent Office when it previously upheld our patent as valid in 1999.
Marvin Sackner, Chairman of the Board of Directors of NIMS, stated, "We are delighted that the US patent office saw fit to acknowledge the patentability of our AT-101 product.
The new patent is the third granted by the European Patent Office for proprietary Arch pyrithione compounds in formulations containing zinc salts, which also help prevent discoloration in pyrithione-containing paints.
The US Patent Office has confirmed to Norwood EyeCare the issue of Patent No.
The post GCC patent office completes electronic payment system development appeared first on Tahawul Tech.
Indian Patent Office had also brought out Guidelines for processing Patent Applications relating to Traditional Knowledge and Biological Material to help Patent examiner to analyze what constitute novelty and inventive steps in Traditional Knowledge (TK) related invention.
Summary: The UAE Ministry of Economy and the Austrian Patent Office have signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation on the procedures related to granting patents, protecting intellectual property, training examiners and improving relating services.
Hospitality technology provider Ameranth Inc announced on Friday that it has received a 'Notice of Allowance' from the US Patent Office for a new, strategic patent containing 18 new patent claims, further protecting its 21st Century Communications Web/Wireless Synchronisation inventions.
The patent office had set a limit of five independent claims and 25 claims total, unless the patent applicant could give a good reason to submit more.
THE death has occurred in his late eighties of James Harrison, a former Holme Valley mill worker who went on to a distinguished career at the Patent Office.
patent office is often accused of issuing too many dubious patents.
Growing businesses are failing to protect their company name adequately, according to a survey by the UK Patent Office.