Daniel Patrick Moynihan

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United States politician and educator (1927-2003)


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Soloists for the chorale performance will include Jill Hackett, Mary Purdy, Pat Moynihan, Legend Ackley, Michael Best and Matt Hogan.
Senator Pat Moynihan compared it to infanticide, and you at National Right to Life and all of the American people have this, my pledge: As President, I will sign a bill to end partial-birth abortion.
Further down the preference list CEOs listed retiring Senator Pat Moynihan, Hillary Clinton and the two Jesses--Ventura and Jackson.
Pat Moynihan worries that a tragedy visited upon a vulnerable population three decades ago may now recur, not as farce but again as tragedy.
In the rest of country, where the battle for the future of the Democratic Party lies, some DLCers, such as Connecticut's Joe Lieberman, withstood the onslaught (as did centrists such as New York's Pat Moynihan, California's Dianne Feinstein, and Nebraska's Bob Kerrey).
Further, I like to thank Senator Trent Lott, Senator Tom Daschle, Senator Chuck Robb, Senator Bill Roth, Senator Pat Moynihan, Congressman Pete Stark, Congressman Tom Bliley, Congressman John Dingell and Congressman J.
Pat Moynihan and wanted nothing more to do with politics, I rode the Hound to Salt Lake City, where I flopped for a couple of months at the New Grand Hotel, writing derivative Beat poetry and thinking on things.
Former Senator Daniel Pat Moynihan (D-NY) famously made this argument in his 1965 report on the Negro family.
Anyone who has a great chili recipe is invited to enter the competition,'' said Pat Moynihan, contest chairman.
It is always our goal to make the travel experience faster and easier for all involved," said Pat Moynihan, director of Car Sales and Marketing for Sabre.
The only person I've ever interrogated while he was in his cups was my old boss Pat Moynihan, during a memorably bibulous lunch shortly before his death.
Pat Moynihan tallied twice for the 4-5-1 Scarlet Hawks.
OVER MORE THAN I three decades in public life, Pat Moynihan I has had a disturbing habit of calling attention to problems we have lived to regret ignoring, and of offering I sound advice that we have lived to regret not taking.
Pat Moynihan, a Kennedy loyalist, was unsettled in Eisenhower-like ways by the seeming permanence of the national-security state, enshrouded in its miasmic secrecy.