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French chemist and biologist whose discovery that fermentation is caused by microorganisms resulted in the process of pasteurization (1822-1895)

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It also represents a new and significant milestone in the collaboration between the Institut Pasteur and a group sharing Pasteurian roots, dedicated to biology and serving public health worldwide.
I was a youth of studious mind, Fair science was my mistress kind, And held me with attraction chemic; No germs of Love attacked my heart, Secured as by Pasteurian art Against that fatal epidemic.
Aisenberg wishes to show that the Pasteurian notion of disease, with its presumption that air- or water-borne microbes are the cause of diseases that may be known through a set of unvarying symptoms, is not the one that was most useful to state-supported hygienic practice.
The next person to speak was Alexandre Lacassagne, the medico-legist around whose work the Lyon school developed, and famous for his Pasteurian analogy of society as the culture from which the germs of criminality sprang, which expressed his concept of social milieu (see Kaluszynski 1988).
Similarly, several studies mention that physicians were active in campaigns for labour protection, without comment on the enhanced role of physicians during the Pasteurian revolution.