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a naval battle in the Mediterranean Sea off Cape Passero in which the Spanish navy was destroyed by France and England while attempting to recover Sicily and Sardinia from Italy (1719)


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Passero, which is Italian for sparrow, opened more than a month ago in what looks like a tight space sandwiched between other storefronts on Campbell Street.
Per motivi analoghi altrettanto efficace risulta Il passero solitario, di cui verra qui sinteticamente presa in esame la prima strofa:
A second landing took place overnight in Portopalo di Capo Passero, a village on Sicily's south-eastern tip, where a vessel with 93 migrants ran aground near the beach.
Wehner, senior project architect with designer Passero Associates Architects and Engineers.
SL supports synchronous communication (de Lucia, Francese, Passero, & Tortora, 2009; Erra & Scanniello, 2009), where an instructor can hold office hours in-world (in SL) (Graves, 2008), the class can meet virtually, students can have field trips to any world attractions and museums (Mckay, Van Schie, & Headley, 2008), and a conference can take place online (Aydogan, Aras, & Karakas, 2010).
But unlike learning or content management systems, it is the sense of presence, togetherness, and "thereness" in addition to a sense of community, that is often cited as the draw to virtual worlds (Clark, 2008; De Lucia, Francese, Passero, & Tortora, 2009; EDUCAUSE, 2008; Robbins & Butler, 2009).
A mesma insuficiencia no consumo de Calcio e Zinco por idosos foi encontrado em uma pesquisa realizada por Passero e colaboradores (2003) na cidade de Curitiba/PR, em outro estudo realizado por Pongpaew e colaboradores.
International racing also lost Vincent Timphony (Wild Again), 99-year-old Noble Threewitt, Frank Passero, a Canadian who holds the world record for the most wins in succession by a trainer (14 in 1996) and Theo Grieper, who in 1975 sent out Star Appeal to become the only German-trained winner of the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe.
The event attracted a large number of academics and users of the CEX, as well as a delegation from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and included discussions of "Evolution and Change in the Consumer Expenditure Surveys: Adapting Methodologies to Meet Changing Needs," by Karen Goldenberg and Jay Ryan, and "Strengths and Weaknesses of the CE from a BLS Perspective," by Thesia Garner and William Passero.
Finally cough was the only parameter used as a crude measure of severity of disease rather than radiological, lung function or formal exercise testing, and severity of disease may affect adherence as mentioned above (Abbott et al 1996, Passero et al 1981).
Kerr, Tayra Luisana Keshinover, Jessica Passero, Michael G.
12) This is supported by the lack of an entailment relation from more to less central exemplars or vice versa: Un pinguino e gia un (tipo) di) uccello logically entails neither Un passero un (tipo) di uccello nor Uno struzzo e un (tipo di) uccello ('An ostrich is a [type of] bird').
In 'Il passero solitario'--a beautiful late poem which Leopardi decided to include in the first section of the book as a psychological self-portrayal and an appropriate introduction to a more autobiographical sequence of poems--the poet asserts his identity in terms of decadence, regret, and retrospectiveness: 'passo del viver mio la primavera.
Glenbrook Fire Chief Frank Passero said Jones was the only one who spoke to the mother.