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Synonyms for passerine

perching birds mostly small and living near the ground with feet having 4 toes arranged to allow for gripping the perch

relating to or characteristic of the passeriform birds


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Where nest sites are limited, there may be high competition for available sites; interspecific nest usurpation has been documented in a number of passerine species.
The reasons appear to be related to the constant raising of maximum summer air temperatures in the Eastern Mediterranean, which affect egg thermoregulation and lead to increased egg infertility, the predation of eggs and nestlings by rats, and a possible mismatch of the species breeding period with the changing passerine migratory flux over its colonies (also possibly attributable to climate change).
Annual data on seroprevalence in passerines, environmental temperatures, reporting of human cases, and minimum infection rates (MIR) in vector populations are summarized in Table 2.
Our observations raise fascinating possibilities for the study of passerine nesting behavior and we encourage further investigation among poorly-studied yet common and readily-accessible birds such as the White-rumped Shama.
garinii found in nymphs feeding on migratory passerines in this study corresponds to [approximately equal to] 50% of that found in pheasants in the United Kingdom, where these birds are the major reservoir of this spirochete (13).
The process and causes of fledging in a cavity-nesting passerine bird, the House Wren (Troglodytes aedon).
Raising BMR is one way many small passerines survive and acclimatize to winter conditions in temperate zones.
Description : Brija wetland provides important resident, wintering and stopover habitats for waders, other water-birds, and small passerines.
The greatest proportion - 73 per cent - of the 2,254 bird advertisements recorded globally were for exotic birds including parrots, hornbills, toucans, passerines and humming birds," the IFAW report said.
They include houbara bustards, passerines, flamingos, pelicans, cranes and turtle doves.
An outbreak of salmonellosis in wild passerines caused mass mortality of Eurasian tree sparrows (Passer montanus) in Hokkaido, Japan, 2005-2006; however, the etiology was poorly understood.
a diagram which showed the evolutionary relationships of each passerine species and their common ancestors to reconstruct where ancestral passerines lived.
Breeding birds include Night-heron, Cotton teal, Pheasant tailed jacana, Purple Moorhen, besides some passerines.
The overall nest predation rate across all species was 36% and was lowest in the five most common ground-nesting passerines (27% across species) and highest in mallards (50%) and the four most common above-ground and shrub-nesting species (44% across species) (Fig.
Small, insectivorous passerines pose much greater challenges for captive management, feeding, and veterinary care.