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Synonyms for passerine

perching birds mostly small and living near the ground with feet having 4 toes arranged to allow for gripping the perch

relating to or characteristic of the passeriform birds


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Occurrence of helminth and oocyst eggs of gastrointestinal protozoans was observed in passerine birds kept in captivity in the Brazilian Amazon (Table 1; Figure 1A-H), including in species such as Cyanoloxia rothschildii, Paroariagularis, and Tangara episcopus, whose distribution is restricted to the Amazon biome (SIGRIST, 2009).
The OMR, a secondary cavity nester, is a well-known passerine bird for its complex and melodious song (Bhatt et al.
Melyrid beetles (Choresine): a putative source for the batrachotoxin alkaloids found in poison-dart frogs and toxic passerine birds.
The concentration of facultative scavengers at vulture restaurants may also affect the probability of predation on the nests of passerine birds that breed nearby (Cortes-Avizanda et al.
As an added value, the establishment of riparian forest buffers provides feeding, cover, and nesting habitat for migratory passerine birds, travel corridors for mammals such as the black bear, decreased flooding of agricultural land, and increased recreational opportunities for the public.
It is omnivorous and has thus managed to eat its way through a variety of native populations, including endemic passerine birds, driving some of the rarest species to extinction.
The section on Non Passerine birds helps me know what plants and commercial foods are needed for my own backyard bird feeding/habitat program.
ABSTRACT [as written by Author]: To more effectively manage remaining native grasslands and declining populations of prairie passerine birds, linkages between disturbance regimes, vegetation, and bird abundance need to be more fully understood Therefore, I examined bird-habitat relationships on northern mixed-grass prairie at Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge in northwestern North Dakota .
We tested our hypothesis that trajectory and magnitude of habitat change influenced observed distribution and abundance of passerine birds breeding in shrubsteppe habitats of southwestern Idaho.
However, Price and Birch (1996) showed that evolutionary changes between monomorphism and dimorphism are frequent in passerine birds and are unlikely to be constrained by an absence of genetic variation.
Studies on small- to medium-sized passerine birds ([is less than] 100 g body mass) have revealed annual adult survival rates (S) of 40-60% in northern temperate zones, primarily in North America and Europe (Lack 1954, Dobson 1990).
The purpose of this study was to determine the normal fecal bacterial and fungal flora and parasite prevalence in wild passerine birds found at the Australian Botanic Garden (Mount Annan, New South Wales).
A study was carried out to find the local status and population count of selected passerine birds species in Lahore during 2008.
Differential role of passerine birds in distribution of Borrelia spirochetes, based on data from ticks collected from birds during the postbreeding migration period in central Europe.
Data from many more localities are needed, especially for non- passerine birds that are less represented in studies of bird-climate relationship (Tryjanowski et al.