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Synonyms for passerine

perching birds mostly small and living near the ground with feet having 4 toes arranged to allow for gripping the perch

relating to or characteristic of the passeriform birds


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Our description of the therapeutic limitations, tumor drug-resistance, and modifications to treatment may aid the efforts of other clinicians in the treatment of lymphoid tumors in other passerine birds.
A total of 546 captured birds were checked for ticks, and parasites were found on 21 birds from 5 passerine bird species (Phoenicurus phoenicurus, Erythropygia galactotes, Iduna opaca, Acrocephalus scirpaceus, and I.
Although many species have been studied in this regard, data on the degree of philopatry is still lacking in many passerine birds.
In North America and Europe, swallows (Family Hirundinidae) are often involved in usurpation or agonistic encounters with other passerine birds, frequently using a mobbing-behavior strategy, where groups (more than two individuals) successfully displace other species (Brawn 1990, Rendell and Robertson 1991, Newton 1998).
In a report describing necropsy results of 241 psittacine and passerine birds randomly collected from a pet bird farm, 31 (12.
The findings support the role of passerine birds as possible dispersers of these tick-borne pathogens.
Pages 357-370 in Ecology and management of cowbirds and their hosts: studies in the conservation of North American passerine birds (T.
In addition to remains of mammals, the pellets examined by us contained remains of 11 passerine birds and one small reptile (Table 1).
The aim of this study is to contribute detailed information on broader aspects of the breeding biology of this member of a large family of passerine birds, the Furnariidae.
5,11) Native passerine birds were also trapped for exportation, and birds were shot for fun by boys, as additions to collections by amateur naturalists, and also to be eaten, as in the case of the bobolink.
Remains of nine species of small mammals and six unidentified passerine birds were recovered from the pellets (Table 1).
The sequence of plumages and moults of the passerine birds of New York.
Starlings and mynahs are passerine birds of the family Sturnidae, which includes 114 species.
Presumably, as in North America, locally abundant passerine birds such as turdids (thrushes) are amplifying hosts.
Other than mammals, parts of insects (grasshoppers and beetles) were found in pellets from the first two samples, and remains of six passerine birds were found in those obtained in February 1990.