Paspalum notatum

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perennial tropical American grass used as pasture grass in arid areas of the Gulf States


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Paspalum notatum, also known as Bahia grass, which can tolerate salty conditions and drought extremely well, will be used for the greening,Ao he said.
1 Pennisetum clandestinum 1 Astrebla lappacea 1 Paspalum notatum (A) Not a tropical grass species.
The soil covering of the university campus was Paspalum notatum grass (100%) on which were found with 100 C.
A pastagem era composta majoritariamente por gramíneas, especialmente Paspalum notatum e Andropogon lateralis, conforme descrito por Brum et al.
An increase in the cattle population and hence the stocking rate has altered the pasture composition to a dominance of Andropogon lateralis, with some Paspalum notatum, Saccharum trinii, Sorghastrum pellitum, and Aristida laevis.
1994); Sugarcane also observed here Delphacinae: Delphacini Aethodelphax aetocephalus (Beamer, 1948) Aethodelphax alatus (Beamer, 1948) Aethodelphax concavus (Beamer, 1948) Aethodelphax sagittatus (Beamer, 1947) Bakerella angulata Beamer, 1950 Bakerella bullata Beamer, 1950 Bakerella minuta Beamer, 1950 Bakerella pediforma Beamer, 1950 Bostaera balli Penner, 1952 Bostaera nasuta Ball, 1902 Caenodelphax teapae (Fowler, Paspalum notatum Fluegge 1905) (bahiagrass) * Chionomus balboae Muir & Giffard, 1924 Chionomus havanae Muir & Oryza sativa L.