Paspalum distichum

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low-growing weedy grass with spikelets along the leaf stems


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The vegetation completely covers the soil and the predominant species are Ranunculus platenses, Plantago myosorus, Dichondra microcalyx Oxalis mallobolb, Spergularis platense, Oxalis articulata, Geranium albicans, Panicum milioides, Piptochaetium montevidense, Stipa neesiana, Stipa papposa, Paspalum dilatatum, Paspalum distichum, Melica brasiliana, Bromas unioloides, Lolium multiflorum, and Try/hilum repens.
In some ASS backswamps, large areas that were once dominated by reeds and rushes such as Phragmites australis have now been replaced by grass species including Cynodon dactylon and Paspalum distichum (NSW Agriculture and Fisheries 1989).
Remaining open swamp comprised native grasses including Paspalum distichum, Pseudoraphis spinescens, and Cynodon dactylon with scattered occurrences of rushes Eleocharis acuta and Juncus usitatus.