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Synonyms for Pashtun

a member of the mountain people living in the eastern regions of Afghanistan

an ethnic minority speaking Pashto and living in northwestern Pakistan and southeastern Afghanistan


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Press coverage of the Pashtun march on Islamabad has also been minimal and insufficient, failing to capture the significance and context of Pashtun grievances.
In a statement issued on Monday, the Commission said: 'HRCP has expressed serious alarm over the mistreatment of Pashtun and Baloch students by the administration of the Punjab University.
The police had arrested more than 200 students belonging to the IJT and Pashtun, Baloch and Seraiki councils and booked them under anti-terrorism charges.
As the angered protesters launched the Pashtun Long March, the authorities' initial response was the usual extra muscular tactic and another Pashtun, Aftab Mehsud, close to the murdered Naqeebullah, was killed in suspicious circumstances in Dera Ismail Khan.
Peopled primarily by the Mehsud tribe of South Waziristan, the Pashtun Long March started from Dera Ismail Khan on January 26, led by 26-year-old Manzoor Ahmad Pashteen (Pashtun) and two dozen activists.
The Pashtun long march conveyed a very peaceful message to the whole world that Pashtuns are very peaceful, progressive and democratic.
Young Pashtuns pursuing studies in major urban centres of the country were at the forefront of the Pashtun society's interaction with the outside world in the post-9/11 world.
Pashtun dictator Abdurrahman has signed the Durand line agreement to accepted this line as the official border of so-called country Afghanistan and British-India (Pakistan) in 1983.
In the above context the Pashtun society in FATA is not feudal or warlord type in nature.
The interpreter, who speaks Pashtun fluently, lives in Paris.
The 'other' groups in the Provinces are Muhajirs/ Mohajir, Baloch, Pashtun in Sindh; Saraikis, Sindhis, Brahvi and Pashtun in Balochistan; Saraikis in Punjab and Hindo and Saraikis in the Tribal areas.
Pashtun population in the North-West Pakistan is ethnically, culturally and compositionally very distinct from the rest of Pakistanis.
by Mohammad Haroon on 22 July, 2014 - 17:42 KHOST CITY (Pajhwok): In order to achieve their goals, intelligence agencies of some countries have been trying to fuel differences among Pashtun tribes living on both sides of the Durand Line .
The Pashtun make up about half of Afghanistan's population and have long regarded themselves as the "core" of their ethnic homeland.
In fact, they suspect that Karzai's ultimate goal is to restore Pashtun dominance throughout Afghanistan.