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an Iranian language spoken in Afghanistan and Pakistan

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Famous Pashtu poet and scholar Meem Re Shafaq presided over the reference, while Ambassador of Afghanistan Janan Musazai was the chief guest on the occasion.
His father has been told that he has not spoken English for so long he now has difficulties communicating in any language other than Pashtu.
Hayat was awarded Dh10,000 by the Pakistan Professionals Wing, Dh5,000 by Pakistan's UBL bank, and Dh2,000 by the Pakistani Pashtu Association on Tuesday.
Given that all instruction had to be given first in English and then translated into Dari and Pashtu (with these illiterate recruits whose first language was either Tajik, Uzbek or Turkmen dialects doing their best to understand) comprehension was never complete.
The Sunday Times received a three-page policy paper written in Pashtu, which contained assurances about the education of women and the future of the Afghan army, reports the Daily Times.
Petraeus, McKellips served as a media trainer to the Afghan National Army and produced a documentary film in Pashtu on Afghan culture that was broadcast nationally in Afghanistan in 2011.
water was called water, and that the English word 'daughter' not only is closely related to Dutch but also in Farsi and Pashtu is still pronounced in almost the same way.
IIFC financial management software was translated into Pashtu, one of the local languages, to make it easier for employees to use the system.
Now the company is working with Massachusetts-based firm Nuance to add Pashtu, Dari and other languages widely spoken in Afghanistan.
5million speak Pashtu, and it was their hearts and minds soldiers, from the 1st Battalion, the Mercian Regiment and the 1st Battalion, the Duke of Lancaster''s Regiment, were tasked with winning.
I see movement, I see movement," an Afghan soldier shouts in Pashtu, the local language.
Thomas O'Brien, 21, of the Scots Guards, was talking to a local child in Pashtu, who told him Taliban insurgents were waiting around the corner.
Panther's Claw, also known by its Pashtu name, Panchai Palang, saw 3,000 troops drive insurgents out of a former stronghold around Babaji in central Helmand.
L/Cpl Kirkness, who joined 3 Rifles in March 2004, had completed a demanding sniper course and studied the local language of Pashtu before deploying to Afghanistan in October.