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an Iranian language spoken in Afghanistan and Pakistan

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It occurred to me that Pimsleur courses in Pashto and Dari would be an obvious solution.
Afghan orphans, who probably cannot read and write Dari and Pashto, are being taught English.
That both Pakistani and Afghan Pakhtoons buy Karwan's book reflects a new genre in Pashto poetry," comments Rehmanullah, a bookseller at Rasool Khan's well-known University Book House in Peshawar.
Taylor Roberts transformed the glossary into digital form in 1998 and holds the exclusive rights of the Pashto dictionary.
Dari and Pashto -- the two principal languages spoken in Afghanistan -- are now on the air two hours and 15 minutes a day and will soon be expanded to three hours each, according to VOA.
With the addition of Dari, Pashto, and Urdu, Transparent Language Word of the Day is now available in 19 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Esperanto, French, German, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, English for Portuguese Speakers, and English for Spanish Speakers.
PESHAWAR -- A large number of ancient manuscripts in Pashto language are preserved in the library of Pashto Academy, University of Peshawar.
The competition had two categories Pashto and Hindko music.
by Pajhwok Report on 15 May, 2014 - 21:04 KABUL (Pajhwok): President Hamid Karzai on Thursday said Ghani Khan, a legendary Pashto poet, preached humanity and love while seeking an end to tyranny and ignorance through his poetry.
is in Hindustani, English, Nepali, Bengali, Pashto, Urdu, Sinhala, Dzongkha and Dhivehi, languages spoken in South Asian countries.
Translations of texts in the field of agricultural education (English - Dari Dari - English, English - Pashto, Pashto - English) for 2013-2015.
Mostly concentrated in a few villages of the Ganderbal district, adjacent to Srinagar, the Pashto channel has given a new lease of life to the minority population's language and culture.
Everything on our Bulgarian site is in Bulgarian, everything on the Pashto site is in Pashto, everything on our English-language sites is in English and everything on Cymru'r Byd is in Welsh.
A professor has come up with an innovative solution to the sudden need to learn Afghanistan's Pashto language: a free telephone translation service.
A member of the House International Relations Committee, Royce has sponsored a $14 million bill that would pay for a radio transmitter and provide the country with 12 hours of daily broadcasts in local languages - six hours in Pashto and six hours in Dari.