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Synonyms for Pascha

the Jewish feast of the Passover

the Christian festival of Easter


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PAY ATTENTION: Taking class are Jack Easton, nine, and Daniel Steers, eight, right, and their pupils, from left, Sophie Farrar, Pascha Lindley, Molly Wells and William Bullas, all nine.
The Pascha rents rooms to more than 100 prostitutes who negotiate directly with clients rather than working for a pimp.
The Pascha commemoration comes more than a month after the March 23 celebration of Western Easter, underscoring one of the major departures of the liturgy between Eastern and Western Christian churches.
John Chrysostom, in a fourth-century sermon still used in every Orthodox church on Pascha (the Orthodox name for Easter).
Orthodox Christians Find Meaning of Life in Pascha Services.
Avni (Lifij) and Feyhaman (Duran) who were supported by Prince Abdulmecid and Abbas Hilmi Pascha and Namik Ismail who acquired an art education by his own means were all members of the same artistic group.
Teresa of Avila's Camino de perfeccion (1570) is surrounded and followed by several texts in various languages: Peregrination spirituelle (Jan Pascha, 1576), Viaggio spirituale (Cornelio Bellanda, 1578), Pilgrimage to Paradise (Leonard Wright, 1591), De sacris et religiosis peregrinationibus (Jakob Gretser, 1606), Pilgrim's Journey towards Heaven (William Webster, 1613), Duyfkens ende Willemykens pelgrimagie tot haren beminden binnen Ierusalem (Boetius Bolswert, 1628, with numerous editions and translations), Pilgrim's Passe to the New Jerusalem (M.
qui Pascha non suo tempore observare praesumerent).
23) Thomas Binkley's early example of liturgical reconstruction, including the Easter gradual "Haec dies" (for two voices) and "Alleluia Pascha nostrum" (for three voices), has also not been reissued on compact disc.
A spokeswoman for Cream said: "We have a very strong presence in South America, and for almost five years we have been holding a monthly residency at Pascha nightclub in Buenos Aires.
Meminerint ergo eorum qui pascha illo tempore per umbrarum
46 'Omnis utriusque sexus fidelis postquam ad annos discretionis pervenerit, omnia sua solus peccata confiteatur fideliter, saltem semel in anno proprio sacerdoti, et iniunctam sibi poenitentiam studeat pro viribus adimplere, suscipiens reverenter ad minus in pascha eucharistie sacramentum' (Conciliorum oecumenicorum decreta, ed.
And Caroline Flack tweeted ahead of the Blackpool special that partner Pascha Kovalev's jive would be high-speed.
today, with the Holy Pascha (Easter) resurrection service at midnight.
A program about Great Lent and Pascha icons and images will be held from 9 a.