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Synonyms for Pascha

the Jewish feast of the Passover

the Christian festival of Easter


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To take advantage of the expertise of Pascha Kelley to bring Ziglar-inspired material to your business or organization, contact her at 205-427-7789 or pascha.
Pascha said: "We were initially quite nervous about presenting to our peers and were worried that people might not take us seriously but we have been surprised just how receptive people have been.
Pascha, Werner (2002) 'Economic relations between Germany and Japan: An analysis of recent data', Duisburger Arbeitspapiere zur Ostasienwirtschaft, No.
And Caroline Flack tweeted ahead of the Blackpool special that partner Pascha Kovalev's jive would be high-speed.
He entitled his book on the spiritual meaning of Lent The Great Kent: a journey to Pascha and speaks about it as a pilgrimage, a journey, a spiritual advancement as we approach the great event of Resurrection.
Images of Great Lent and Pascha The Lent and Easter Journeys as guided by the icons of the season, presented by the Right Rev.
A spokesman for Nuvo said: "Deuces Wild, who were trading as Nuvo, have gone into voluntary liquidation as a result of the banking crisis in Cyprus but Nuvo continues to trade under the new directorship of Pascha Limited.
Pascha McKeough found Guffey decades ago, when she decided to make some significant life changes, including living as a lesbian.
44) Second, Melito of Sardis in his Peri Pascha also identifies Jesus as the one who guided Israel in a pillar of fire, fed his people manna from heaven and water from the rock, and gave the Law on Horeb, and he generally assumes his readers' familiarity with the same type of christological rereading of the story of Israel from Abraham to the conquest of the land and further to the times of kings and prophets.
During this powerful rite the choir sings hymns from Pascha, making it clear to all the faithful the eventual goal of all this preparation.
Fatma Aliye (1862-1936) is the daughter of a senior Ottoman bureaucrat and historian Cevdet Pascha and she is credited as the first female Ottoman novelist despite an earlier novel by Zafer Hanim who discontinued writing novels.
Brink, Tobias ten (2011), "Patterns of Distinctive Institutional Change in Chinese Capitalism," in Werner Pascha, Cornelia Storz, and Markus Taube (eds.
Also, late Saturday night 11:45pm until 2am the Service of Holy Pascha will take place.
The most complicated Orthodox liturgy, the so called Kyriopascha, occurs when Pascha (Easter Sunday) coincides with the Annunciation (March 25).
It was quite poignant really because I was with Mark Tracey, who owns Pascha Bear - on whom Tina won the charity race at Cheltenham in March - and we were all bellowing at the telly.