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Synonyms for Pasch

the Jewish feast of the Passover

the Christian festival of Easter


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Al Miles, author of Domestic Violence: What Every Pastor Needs to Know and two other books on abuse, was one of the keynote speakers at the first PASCH conference.
Negative affect coded in the problem-solving discussions performed as one might expect, with higher levels in the distressed or dissolved group than in the two satisfied groups (see Pasch and Bradbury 1998).
1999), and 10 percent or less of the variance in three measures of patient satisfaction (Sixma, Spreeuwenberg, and van der Pasch 1998).
About 90% of our work consists of runs of one to four parts," says Mark Pasch, toolbuild manager.
Stuart Pasch (18), founding member of KSB and the only boy who has sung on all seven continents, named his favorite moment: "Just being there and singing on my seventh continent
Senior hurricane specialist Richard Pasch of the National Hurricane Center said there were signs that the hurricane may have weakened slightly, but strong winds continued to extend 100 miles from its centre.
Representative Sandy Pasch is a Masters prepared psychiatric mental health nurse who advocates for nurses being recognized as legitimate mental health providers, all while promoting better workplaces for nurses.
There is increasing evidence that females evaluate male skills during these displays to determine their overall vigor," said doctoral candidate Bret Pasch of the department of biology at the University of Florida.
In addition to the previously announced transactions with Gulf States and PASCH (Nikon-Essilor), Essilor of America forged a partnership with Reliable Optics, a Brooklyn, New York-based prescription laboratory that generates approximately $4.
Uecker M, Da Silva R, Grampp T, Pasch T, Schaub MC, Zaugg M.
While the Eucharist expresses and reveals the mystery of Christ's Pasch, what does it simultaneously reveal of the presence of Word and Spirit in this complex socio-cultural reality?
Pictured from the left are Renee Gordon, Jana Nugent, and Shahar Pasch.
Even his non-champions, like Warden Of The Marches, The Recorder, Brulette, Tai-Yang, Easton, Medieval Knight, Fair Trial, Pasch, Hunter's Moon, Tant Mieux, Combat and The Cobbler, would have been the highlights of most trainers' careers.