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We found 415 birds from 14 families at the three towers, with the most birds from Family Parulidae (Table 2, n=272).
Sixty-six percent of the birds found were members of Family Parulidae (i.
A comprehensive multilocus phylogeny for the wood-warblers and a revised classification of the Parulidae (Aves).
During the recent revision of the Parulidae, this genus disappeared, with the Hooded Warbler merged into the largest wood warbler group (Setophaga) and the Wilson's Warbler (formerly W.
In diverse predominantly temperate passerine families such as Sylviidae, Parulidae or Emberizidae, more extensive preformative molts are common among species living in harsh environments characterized by dense vegetation or increased daily exposure to ultraviolet light.
There are reports of nest material kleptoparasitism in North America in Vireonidae, Polioptilidae, Parulidae, and Icteridae (Jones et al.
2) Parulidae Setophaga fusca 1 1 Myioborus ornatus 21 1-4 (2.
tristis New World Warblers Parulidae Virginia's Warbler Oreothlypis virginiae Yellow Warbler Septophaga petechia Yellow-throated Warbler S.
Our finding of 14 returns is unprecedented for migrant Parulidae.