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type genus of the Parulidae: wood warblers

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We might expect differences in tree selection between these guilds because the transient migrants (except for Northern Parula which breeds north and south of the study area) do not breed in mid latitude mature floodplain forests.
Severin: Yes, of all the bird poems, I think my favourite is 'A Northern Parula Blown to the Hebrides.
The Northern Parula (NOPA) is a high canopy feeder, and yet this species is very positively associated with RDA axis 1; however, this may be due to insufficient sampling, as the NOPA was detected only once.
He said: "The northern parula is such a beautiful bird, it's been a real treat to have it as a visitor on Tiree.
Elsewhere, two absolute "megas" turned up this week in the form of an alder flycatcher on Blakeney Point, Norfolk, and a superb northern parula found on Tiree, Argyll.
For example, Kramer Preserve supported both mesic, upland-associated species, such as the wood thrush and scarlet tanager, and also floodplain-associated species, such as the Louisiana waterthrush (Seiurus aurocapillus) and Northern parula (Parula Americana).
y R x Vireo altiloquus MN y R Hylophilus flavipes R x x x Hirundinidae Tachycineta albiventer R Progne chalybea R x x Hirundo rustica MN Polioptilidae Polioptila plumbea R x x x Turdidae Turdus flavipes R x Turdus nudigeniS R Mimidae Mimus gilvus R x x x Thraupidae Tachyphonus rufus R x x x Thraupis glaucocolpa R x x x Thraupis palmarum R x x x Conirostrum bicolor R Cyanerpes cyaneus R x Incertae sedis Tiaris bicolor R x x x Coereba flaveola R x x x Emberizidae Coryphospingus pileatus R Volatinia jacarina R x Sporophila minuta R Sicalis flaveola R Paroaria gularis R Cardinalidae Pheucticus ludovicianus MN Cardinalis phoeniceus R x x x Parulidae Parula pitiayumi R Dendroica petechia ([gamma]) R-E (?
Exceptions, included Northern Parula, which was abundant (>2 /ha) at all three sites, and Magnolia, Yellow, and Black-throated Green Warblers, which were moderately abundant in Bohm Woods (1-2 individuals/ha).
My chimney swifts disappeared a quarter-century ago, and parula warblers more recently than that.
Familia Emberizidae Subfamilia Parulinae Parula pitiayumi (Vieillot) (pitiayumi).
Most (58%) of the 1,217 birds tested were resident species of Cuba, primarily chestnut manakins (Lonchura malaccas), blue jays (Cyanocitta cristata), herring gulls (Larus argentatus), yellow-faced grassquits/olive finches (Tiaris olivacea), and northern parulas (Parula americana).
Next, a gorgeous male American redstart joined in, and alongside it landed a northern parula.
The sounds even attracted other species: ovenbirds, parula warblers and prairie warblers.