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type genus of the Parulidae: wood warblers

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The Northern Parula (NOPA) is a high canopy feeder, and yet this species is very positively associated with RDA axis 1; however, this may be due to insufficient sampling, as the NOPA was detected only once.
He said: "The northern parula is such a beautiful bird, it's been a real treat to have it as a visitor on Tiree.
Mesic, upland-associated bird species, such as the ovenbird and hooded warbler, formed a distinctive avian community type and had lower scores along Axis one in contrast to lowland, floodplain-associated species, such as the yellow-throated warbler (Dendroica dominica) and northern parula, which showed intermediate-to-higher scores along Axis one (BNA 2011).
philadelphia (Wilson), mourning I R warbler Parula americana (Linnaeus), I O northern parula Protonotaria citrea (Boddaert), I O prothonotary warbler Seiurus aurocapillus (Linnaeus), I O ovenbird S.
breeding bird studies from 1947 through 1978 found that six migrants--yellow-billed cuckoo, yellow-throated vireo, and the northern parula, black-and-white, hooded, and Kentucky warblers--were completely lost, and a few other species--Acadian flycatcher, wood thrush, red-eyed vireo, ovenbird, and scarlet tanager--had declined by 50 percent.
From September through April, Jamaica's mountains, gardens and coffee plantations are home to many of our warblers like the northern parula, Cape May, black-throated-blue, myrtle, black-throated green, prairie, redstart, prothonotary, worm-eating, ovenbird, northern and Louisiana waterthrushes, and common yellowthroat.
revealed that the yellow-billed cuckoo and yellow-throated vireo as well as northern parula, black-and-white, Kentucky, and hooded warblers had disappeared.
Kelly, principal at the Austin environmental consulting firm Parula.
There was the parula, or blue yellow-backed warbler; the black-throated green warbler and one known by the bright color of its little, bitsy haunches: the yellow-rumped warbler.
The four vireos averaged more than a week earlier in Charleston and the Northern Parula, a warbler, nearly 3 weeks earlier.
Similarly, among forest nesting birds, Blackburnian warblers (Dendroica fusca) and northern parulas (Parula americana) occupy mature coniferous forests (Graber and Graber 1951; Peterjohn 1989), whereas cerulean warblers and scarlet tanagers (Piranga olivacea) require extensive tracts of mature hardwood forest with tall trees for nesting (Robbins and others 1992; DeGraaf and Rappole 1995).
Thryomanes sissonii, Parula pitiayumi graysoni, Pipilo erythrophtalmus socorroensis) appears directly related to the scarcity of this strata (Rodriguez-Estrella et al.
For example, in North American wood-warblers (Parulidae) of the genus Setophaga (including all former Dendroica and Parula taxa as well as Wilsonia citrina; Chesser et al.
Really, it's a matter of ethics and attitude," said Mary Kelly, a principal at the Austin environmental analysis firm Parula.