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a document stating the aims and principles of a political party

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sanctions against Russia, the Republican National Party Platform with regard to Ukraine and contacts between the campaign or transition team and Russian officials.
The Democratic Party Platform supports abortion on demand, and calls for repeal of the Hyde Amendment (which restricts the use of federal funds for abortion).
With this election, however, where one candidate routinely adds caveats to his policy stances; and his rival changes some of her stances seemingly based on daily news cycles--and both candidates are more than adept at courting controversy--it appears a better place to look when it comes to discerning potential impacts of the election on nonwoven is the party platforms.
The Republican platform -- adopted at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland -- does not mention credit unions; the draft Democratic Party platform doesn't either.
Continue reading "Dems' Fight Over Israel on Party Platform Appears Over" at.
Two years ago, the party approved an unprecedented change to the official state party platform that called for a national guest-worker program.
No political party platform should interfere with women's private personal medical decisions and we are extremely disappointed that you have not lifted a finger to stop it," Ms.
This is what we posted yesterday:" Look at the party platform, Jewish Democrats, and see what you are and are not voting for.
CHARLOTTE, North Carolina - The Democratic Party unveiled its 2012 party platform Monday pledging to continue a strong U.
A steadily amplifying chorus of gay rights advocates and Democrats, including Los Angeles Mayor and 2012 Democratic National Convention Chairman Antonio Villaraigosa, have been calling for the issue to be included in the party platform.
While President Obama remains mum on this question, Freedom to Marry is asking voters to push Democratic leaders and the president's reelection campaign to include marriage equality in the party platform with its Democrats: Say I Do crusade.
Although Manasijevski did not mention in his speech the name issue, the party platform says that LDP argues for putting the solution that may be found through the process at the UN in a referendum to be given confirmation by the citizens whereby its sustainability will be guaranteed.
Many have told me they want to get involved in making sure candidates support the party platform," she said, although she didn't address what might happen if the party platform and the New Hampshire Reagan Network platform don't converge.
Though the New Hampshire Republican Party platform has consistently called for strong pro-life legislation, efforts to ban even partial-birth abortion have repeatedly failed in Republican-majority legislatures.
Most party platform recommendations increased higher income households' purchasing power more and lower income households' purchasing power less.