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a document stating the aims and principles of a political party

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Two years ago, the party approved an unprecedented change to the official state party platform that called for a national guest-worker program.
No political party platform should interfere with women's private personal medical decisions and we are extremely disappointed that you have not lifted a finger to stop it," Ms.
The party platform, which will become a basic policy blueprint for Democrat President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden in their election campaign, is expected to be adopted during the three-day Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, starting Tuesday.
The Democratic platform in 2008 was then considered the most LGBT-friendly major party platform ever.
Many have told me they want to get involved in making sure candidates support the party platform," she said, although she didn't address what might happen if the party platform and the New Hampshire Reagan Network platform don't converge.
Though the New Hampshire Republican Party platform has consistently called for strong pro-life legislation, efforts to ban even partial-birth abortion have repeatedly failed in Republican-majority legislatures.
Most party platform recommendations increased higher income households' purchasing power more and lower income households' purchasing power less.
Amending the party platform as I have proposed -- and meaning it -- would recapture some defectors, but would alienate most of the current Democratic activist ``base.
The report includes seven appendices: a list of key Religious Right figures in the state; a compilation of extreme quotes by Religious Right leaders in 2005; a review of the Texas Republican Party platform from 2004 and a preview of what to expect in 2006; a list of political action committees and pressure groups associated with the Religious Right that offers data on leaders, finances and other information; a "who's who" listing speakers at Texas Restoration Project events in 2005 and a sampling of far-right Web sites aimed at Texans.
Democratic Party of Oregon Chairman Jim Edmunson said the party platform - debating and voting on the policy positions that Democratic candidates will be expected to stand for in the general election - will continue to be an important part of this weekend's convention.
At the same time, Lewis worked to ensure that abortion on demand would be an indispensable element in the NDP party platform.
The party platform called not only for a constitutional amendment against gay marriage but also attacked civil unions and domestic partnerships.
Turns out McGaa's pro-military, pro-hunting, meateater resume doesn't quite square with the Green Party platform.
Liberal Party platform before it was elected with an overwhelming majority, the plan has been strongly opposed by many aboriginal groups.
Evidence was captured when McConnell and his 'tache were seen together on a party platform in the 1980s.