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The jihadists seem determined to hammer Hizbullah among its core supporters, to open a second front that would force the Party of God to spread its forces thin since it would have to maintain troops in south Lebanon to guard against an Israeli assault while its main force was battling in Syria.
Israel has been recently putting pressure on the EU to do the same for Lebanon's Hezbollah, or Party of God movement, which strongly rebuffed an Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 2006, an achievement that shocked Israel and surprised many.
This would render the Party of God once again a local player, years after it became a prominent regional player.
We don't want a Party of God here in Libya, like Lebanon or Afghanistan," Omar Salem el-Ghaied, the deputy head of the Misrata military council, said, referring to Hezbollah and the Taliban.
The Party of God wants Mikati to declare a similar stand.
Third, there are only two types of people on this earth: the party of God (hizb Allah) and the party of Satan (hizb al-shaytan).
Firstly, the media are an excellent point to start with the analysis of the Party of God.
Recent years have seen the Party of God failing to damn members with loyalist connections, criminal convictions and even sexual offence records.
Israeli planes carried out a fourth day of air raids on Lebanon yesterday in response to Hezbollah - or the Party of God, a powerful political and military organisation of Shia Muslims - seizing two Israeli soldiers.
This is the third book by a woman author in recent years on the phenomenon of "The Party of God," and the first by an American of non-Arab descent.
Associate professor of political science Ahmad Nizar Hamzeh presents In The Path Of Hizbullah, a thorough examination of the history and present-day situation of the Islamist group known as Hizbullah, or the Party of God.
For example, Daniel Lapin, an ultraconservative rabbi who often speaks at Religious Right gatherings, told the crowd he isn't comfortable declaring that the Republicans are "the party of God," but he is sure that "today the Democratic Party is evil and destructive.
The Lebanon-based Hizbullah, which means Party of God, is known or suspected to have carried out anti-US terrorist attacks and suicide bombings.
The party of God was the party of the church, the pope, and the people.
At it occurred to me that the problem was that some of us did indeed think God was one of us, or, more precisely, that some of us were gods: God's Chosen People were smashing the Party of God in a very godless manner.