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the policy of a political group

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a telephone line serving two or more subscribers

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We should be working to advance these and other policies, and I applaud Senators Alexander and Murray for providing leadership and bringing us together to work across party lines on solutions that work for the American people.
That made me wonder whether it was not so much a 'crossed line' but a party line.
There is no official opposition as all parties have chosen to be part of the system which seeks to inform policy and co-operate across party lines for the betterment of Gwynedd.
But he also said by not voting always along party lines, he has forced members of Congress to start talking to each other, and to start reaching across party lines.
New Delhi, February 23 (ANI): Political leaders cutting across party lines congratulated the team of Slumdog Millionaire for its resounding success at the Oscars Awards ceremony.
The GOP leadership supported the bill, and the tally generally followed party lines.
s appearance at the Democratic Convention, cranky Georgia Democrat Zell Miller crossed party lines to give the off-keynote.
The sense of anxiety is growing and has crossed party Lines.
Although this land is at the heart of current political debate, Banerjee goes beyond party lines to give a glimpse into a world experienced by few.
He exemplified steadfastness and stood by his principles, across party lines when necessary.
At the time, party lines were drawn differently and each major party had strong liberal and conservative factions.
There, as veteran moderate Jim Leach of Iowa says, "The center has collapsed" GOP representatives such as Sherman Boehlert of New York, Michael Castle of Delaware, and Connie Morella of Maryland all frequently cross party lines, and Christopher Shays of Connecticut has stared down his leaders on campaign finance reform for years.
Since then, the party lines have hardened between the factions.
As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Senator Baldwin worked across party lines to successfully reverse the Presidents proposed cuts, securing funding to help repair Wisconsins crumbling infrastructure in the FY2018 Transportation Appropriations Bill.