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a leader in a political party who controls votes and dictates appointments

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Senior party leaders including Chairman Raja Zafarul Haq, Punjab Governor Rafique Rajwana, State Minister Tariq Fazal Chaudhry, and others went to the Election Commission of Pakistan and conveyed to the election authorities that an acting party chief would be appointed soon while asking for Haq be allowed to authorise PML-N nominations till the appointment.
The party chief can [thus] also influence legislation and the election of a prime minister [by exercising that power],' Naseem had argued.
He said that party chief Sonia Gandhi has slammed the Modi government.
He argued the party workers and common man was trusted in party chief Imran Khan as there was no change in his stand on the issue of corruption and corrupt rulers since 2010 till 2016.
According to a report by China's state news agency Xinhua released Sunday, in the southwestern province of Yunnan, Chen Hao was appointed party chief and in the populous province of Hunan, Du Jiahao was given the top position.
He Limin, the party chief of Shache county, was stripped of his party position and demoted, and the deputy party chief and county police chief were both fired.
Organisers of the meeting insisted that the ongoing police probe into harassment claims against former party chief executive Lord Rennard was being used as an "excuse" to avoid dealing with the wider issue.
The Party chief made the statement while meeting on September 6 with Malaysian Sultan Abdul Halim Mu adzam Shah who is on a State visit to Viet Nam.
Summary: JD-S spokesperson Danish Ali agreed with Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav's statement on Sunday that the coalition politics has become a necessity in the country.
The move came amid allegations about former party chief Lord Rennard, who is accused of molesting a string of female party activists.
Experts say new Communist Party chief Xi Jinping needs to take bold steps in enacting economic reforms.
The draft lineup consists of Vice President Xi Jinping, 59, who is expected to replace Hu as the party's general secretary on Thursday, Vice Premier Li Keqiang, 57, Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang, 66, Vice Premier Wang Qishan, 64, Shanghai party chief Yu Zhengsheng, 67, Tianjin party chief Zhang Gaoli, 66, and Liu Yunshan, 65, head of the party's Publicity Department.
Shiv Sena party chief Bal Thackeray passed away in Mumbai at 3.
Gu's husband Bo Xilai was communist party chief of Chongqing and a member of the Communist Party's Political Bureau.
Yamaguchi was apparently siding with main opposition Liberal Democratic Party chief Sadakazu Tanigaki, who told reporters Saturday, ''It is not necessary to repeatedly hold ceremonial talks between party chiefs.