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end Apache Indian appears to have broken new ground by making his own party political broadcast But Handsworth music legend Apache Indian appears to have broken new ground by making his own party political broadcast for his favourite Birmingham councillor.
Quinton councillor Caroline Badley was found by the City Council's standards board to have broken the rules by taking part in party political activity on council time.
Few minutes prior to signing the deal, Guo Jinlong, member of the Chinese Communist Party Political Bureau, personally gave a visit to the area where the construction of the energy station commenced and confirmed the same.
It was claimed House of Commons stationery and postage were used to send the letters - and that they included party political material.
The First Minister wrote to Colin Weir, who scooped pounds 161million EuroMillions jackpot with wife Chris, reminding him how he used to make party political broadcasts for the SNP.
Baghdad (NINA) -- President Jalal Talabani discussed with a delegation representing the Islamic Party political developments.
Pensioner poverty is not a party political issue; sure Margaret Thatcher cut the pension link with earnings, but the Labour government had thirteen years in which to restore the relationship and did not.
BRITAIN is to get its first party political broadcast directed entirely at supermarket shoppers.
26 (ANI): Rarely seen footage of Sir Winston Churchill, in his first screen test for television, has been unearthed to mark the 75th anniversary of party political broadcasts.
MP Mike O'Brien has once again used his position to launch a negative attack, claiming that the proposal to close Bedworth Fire Station among others is somehow a party political move.
A council chief has defended the moving of a village polling station because of complaints about party political material being displayed.
California Democratic Party political director Sam Rodriguez said the party will look to harness those feelings in keeping an eye on the same ultimate goal.
Asda beer buyer Ged Futter said: "Unlike the election, you can't lose with one of our party political ales.
Before serving as the Ohio Republican Party Political Director, he was a Regional Field Representative for the State Party, working with GOP officials in 47 Ohio counties.
The British National Party has unveiled its new tactic to win the race-hate vote in Wales - party political broadcasts in Welsh.