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Synonyms for partisan

Synonyms for partisan

Synonyms for partisan

a fervent and even militant proponent of something

a pike with a long tapering double-edged blade with lateral projections


Related Words

devoted to a cause or party

References in classic literature ?
On August 24 Davydov's first partisan detachment was formed and then others were recognized.
de Villefort to purify Marseilles of his partisans.
The unlucky partisan, thus robbed of his horses, turned furiously on his prisoners, ordered them to be bound hand and foot, and swore to put them to death unless his property were restored.
The loss of his horses completed the ruin of the unlucky partisan.
The growing indignation was voiced from time to time in published protests, of which the last, in 1698, was the over-zealous but powerful 'Short View of the Immorality and Profaneness of the English Stage' by Jeremy Collier, which carried the more weight because the author was not a Puritan but a High-Church bishop and partisan of the Stuarts.
I know that the Dahcotahs are a wise and great people," at length the trapper commenced, again addressing himself to the chief; "but does not their partisan know a single brother who is base?
While barangay officials, by the nature of their office, are partisans, it is the 'barangay election' that is treated by law as 'non-partisan,' Macalintal said.
Liberation came in April 1945, by which time 45,000 partisans had lost their lives and Primo Levi had experienced hell.
But the endorsement activities were opposed by some LP partisans and did not materialize as planned due to argument from some party stewards that their Standard Bearer and founder Cllr.
161) In the patronage cases, the Court struck down traditional practices of political patronage where government officials regularly replaced incumbent staff with fellow partisans as a reward for their party work and loyalty.
Terrorism is simply non-uniformed partisans carrying out hit-and-run attacks.
Moreover, partisans are also unexpectedly or purposefully exposed to news channels that challenge their political perspectives (Gentzkow & Shapiro, 2011; Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, 2014).
No matter who wins this years presidential election, those political partisans who supported the losing ticket may wish to plan a vacation or queue up their favorite films to prepare for a very difficult week ahead.
suggested partisan symmetry (80): the idea that if the popular vote were