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Synonyms for partisan

Synonyms for partisan

Synonyms for partisan

a fervent and even militant proponent of something

a pike with a long tapering double-edged blade with lateral projections


Related Words

devoted to a cause or party

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On January 25, 1944, along with three other commandos, Major Thompson was sent on a parachute landing mission to establish a link between the British staff and the Bulgarian partisans (fighters) led by Slavcho Transki; he landed near Dobro Pole, Macedonia.
Il s'agit de l'incident le plus grave au Liban depuis le debut du soulevement en Syrie, un conflit qui divise profondement le pays entre partisans, en majorite chiites, et opposants, en majorite sunnites, du regime syrien.
However, these users do not visit partisan websites at the expense of the mainstream media--in fact, they are more likely to use the mainstream media than are those who do not visit partisan sites.
Most of the Jewish women partisans were in the detachments that operated in Western Belarus.
Larry King, a long time JPEF supporter, said, "The Jewish partisans are an important part of our history, and JPEF does tremendous work to keep their story alive and relevant with an innovative curriculum, short films and fabulous online resources.
Of course the members could be very partisan and there could also even be some partisan staff," says Gerald Wright, an Indiana University professor of political science who studies state legislatures.
This is a mirror image of the mindset displayed by the partisan Right, which during the 1990s focused on the similarly unsavory connections of Bill Clinton, and fixates today on the radical background, and unhealthy associations, of John Kerry.
The introduction concludes that the Partisans shot themselves in the foot and stabbed one another in the back.
The documentary was inspired last fall, when JPEF hosted a reunion for all surviving Jewish partisans in New York City.
One issue confronting those who are interested in examining the effect of partisanship on voting behavior across multiple elections is how to measure the extent of partisan voting.
That's not to say there aren't serious matters at stake in the controversy over the Corporation for Public Broadcasting - only that those matters have been inflamed by the usual partisan rancor.
Devotees of limited government, for their part, would be better off trying to live as free a life as they can around government strictures, or casting protest votes for the Libertarian Party, than burning their energy as enthusiastic Republican partisans.
If so, why do partisans and nonpartisans react differently to the democratization process?
George Mitchell, the Maine Democrat who ran the Senate from 1989 to 1995, and his successors, Dole and Lott, were all fierce partisans, but they saw themselves first and foremost as dealmakers, and defined success by the number of pieces of major legislation passed on their watch.
The brutality of the Ustasha soon provoked armed resistance on the part of Serbian nationalist Chetniks and Communist-led Partisans, leading to five-way power struggle between Germans, Italians, Ustasha, Chetniks, and Partisans.