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Synonyms for party



be a party to something


  • get involved in
  • be associated with
  • be a participant in
  • concern yourself with or in

Synonyms for party

a large or important social gathering

a group of people acting together in a shared activity

a group of individuals united in a common cause

one who participates

a number of individuals making up or considered a unit

Synonyms for party

an organization to gain political power

have or participate in a party

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Insurance companies should be aware that, whether they are responding to subpoenas as nonparties or issuing subpoenas on their own behalf, in the area where nonparties are most likely to incur significant costs--attorney's fees resulting from reviewing documents for responsiveness and privilege--there are arguments to be made that these costs should shift from producing parties to requesting parties.
The parties should proceed to arbitration within 90 days after signing the agreement.
However, it's highly probable that the accountant already represents both parties in his work.
I've been to at least 16 different parties in the past year," says Evans, the Positive Health Project staffer who accompanied me to the sex party in Brooklyn.
Today, many people believe that the two parties are more sharply divided than ever.
Many reform opponents contended that parties would be weakened without their $500 million of soft money and would no longer play a major role in elections.
I residents/responsible parties are not educated that their accounts need to be paid on time, chances are they'll pay late, or sometimes not at all.
To help students understand the changing roles that the major political parties have played in the evolution of race relations in America.
It has lots of different people with different ideals, and by trying to work within that you're so much better off than going into these splinter parties.
Before we get into this make-out party stuff, you need to know Girls' Life is not encouraging kissing parties.
Annie Goeke, co-chair of the Association of State Green Parties and a 2000 candidate for auditor-general of Pennsylvania, agrees.
The historical facts seem to deny the former question -- the large percentage of Shi'I membership in the Iraqi Communist Party and the Ba'th Party in its early stages, as well as representation within other secular political parties.
Section 502 prohibits a financial institution from disclosing nonpublic personal information about a consumer to nonaffiliated third parties unless the institution satisfies various notice and opt-out requirements and the consumer has not elected to opt out of the disclosure.
were parties to a 42- year commercial lease for property in White Plains, New York.