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a native or inhabitant of Parthia

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the Iranian language spoken in the Parthian kingdom (250 BC to AD 226)

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The Parthian Empire was settled by many different ethnic groups and tribes who spoke many very different languages of most varied origin, although many of them will have been of Iranian stock.
The Parthians were inhabitants of Parthia proper, which is northwest of Persia, about 600 miles long, and wholly surrounded by mountains.
What were the influential factors of Greek (Seleucid) urbanism on Parthian art of urbanism?
Parthian said Mr Andrews will reveal how he brought the media into the debate on school performance and the reasons behind his decision to re-grade exam results in 2012.
The introductory chapter delivers only a cursory overview of the Roman and Parthian administrative and political systems, which does not contain sufficient detail to supply context for the wider study (2-4).
Shane Hassett is likely to play his hand as late as possible and, provided there is a strong pace, Parthian Empire can exploit a mark of 96, just 3lb higher than the one he ran off at Kilbeggan on ground that should be perfect for him.
His lack of military experience caused him to over look the difficulties of the terrain he had to face and underestimate the dangers of facing the powerful Parthian horse archers.
The Iranian archeologists discovered Sassanid and early-Islamic residential strata as well as a number of intact amphoras used in sea trade during the Parthian, Abbasid and early Islamic eras, all referring to the waterway as the Persian Gulf.
embraced such diverse topics as Akkadian bird names, Parthian history, and amethysts.
In between there are essays on the Hittites, Assyria and Babylonia, Persia, Athens, Alexander and his successors, the Parthian and early Sasanian empires, the Roman Empire and the early empires of South Asia.
and presenter of ITV's Great Welsh Roads, and Dominic Williams, marketing director of Parthian books will be giving talks at the library.
The Sydney Opera House was also named a world cultural site, along with the Iwami Gin-zan Silver Mine in Japan, Parthian Fortresses of Nisa in Turkmenistan, and The Red Fort Complex in Delhi, India, said Roni Amelan, a spokesman for Unesco's World Heritage Committee.
Parthian Shot by David Wishart Published by Nel IF ever there was proof that a book shouldn't be judged by its cover, this is it.