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an ancient kingdom in Asia to the southeast of the Caspian Sea

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Caesar also longed to conquer Parthia, as Alexander had done (Scott-Kilvert 354) and considered moving the capital of the Empire to Alexandria, as Antony was later thought to have contemplated (Ferrero 50--51).
1882: The Parthia Evening | Post became the first-known example of a ship's newspaper.
Finally the era of Magus Victory and its culture came as the official religion of the empire of Parthia in the form of Regulation Mithras" [12].
The White Rose Stakes was won by Classic winners Ambiguity and Parthia, the Henry VIII Stakes was the first port of call for Tulyar in his Derby-winning season, Winston Churchill's famous grey Colonist II won the race named after his slightly more famous owner.
12, addressed to Postumus (senator and proconsul, a relative), the poet pits the fidelitas, pudicitia and castitas of a lonely wife pining at home against the avaritia and virtus of her husband who, lured by the promise of spoils, follows Augusti fortia signa to Parthia.
2) Relations between Rome and Parthia were strained at the best of times.
Kazim Abdullaev, Antonio Invernizzi, and Xinru Liu contributed work pertaining to Parthia and Central Asia.
Miller confines his discussion of native-authored texts to a few well-known pieces, such as Robert Hunter's Androboros, Robert Rogers's Ponteach, Mercy Warren's political plays, and Robert Munford's The Patriots, along with Thomas Godfrey's The Prince of Parthia and Thomas Forrest's The Disappointment.
Harry Carr, the Queen's jockey, who won on Lighteran (1957), went on to win the real thing at Epsom on Parthia (1959).
Rome fought numerous wars with Parthia, partly over control of the Silk Road.
Busy day on the landing stage: Wallasey Ferries' Royal Daffodil sprints away, while Alexandra Towing Co's diesel tugs North Isle and North Loch nestle 'neath the bow ropes of Cunard's Parthia
Crassus, the man who defeated Spartacus, invaded Parthia in search of military glory.
During the next couple of markets, the importer plans to add new shapes to the Versailles Palace, Guggenheim, Nourison 2000, Parthia and Valenncierre collections.
I am not persuaded by the the case put by Marie-Francoise Baslez for a Flavian or Hadrianic date, which is partly based on the perception of the Euphrates as a frontier between Rome and Parthia, i.