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an ancient kingdom in Asia to the southeast of the Caspian Sea

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The era after Seleucid had decentralized structure in which tribal societies had Parthia at its center and had made Parthians rule over vast part of Archaemenid territory.
Peter Damm's edition of this parthia by Johann Matthias Sperger offers a new work to the body of music for less common woodwind chamber groups.
Hatra is a relatively small area situated between Parthia and Rome, which has become one of the richest archeological sites in the world.
Faction choices are Rome, Carthage, Macedon, the Iceni (Britain), the Arveni (Gaul), the Suebi (Germany), Parthia and Egypt.
Similarly, the assertion that Caesar sought to invade Parthia in order to provide the foundations for a literal monarchy ignores the complex and unresolved political situation in 44 BCE.
We should mention here that the word Leviathan is attested in Parthian (middle Iranian language, spoken in Parthia between the 2nd century B.
He decided against further invasions of Britain and Parthia (Starr 1982, 19).
Antonius' invasion of Parthia (36 BC) more than three thousand men fell in battle and five thousand soldiers were injured.
Owing to the proximity of Parthia, the Roman army assigned to Syria was the largest in the east, with four legions and twenty thousand auxiliaries.
He first preached the Good News (Gospel) that the kingdom of God was at hand in Parthia, present-day North-Western Iran, then moved to North-Western India.
vvSimplyt heb est My first bet was a bob each-way on Parthia in the 1959 Derby.
How the jar and its two parchment copies of Thomas' words came to Resafa is unclear, but it is thought to have been on its way from Thomas' place of exile in Parthia to Egypt or the mystic communities west of the Jordan.
But Crassus clearly felt that he knew best; when the Armenian king told him that the best way of campaigning against Parthia was to move through the hills and high ground to reduce the effect of the Parthians' cavalry, Crassus laughed.
As we all know, however, Parthia was not to be found immediately to the east of the river Don.
Second in Sandown's Royal Stakes and the Newmarket Stakes on his first two starts, the 100-6 chance made good headway from the rear under Doug Smith to finish fifth to his Boyd-Rochfort-trained stablemate Parthia.